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Jeff’s parents record their tumultuous fight to get vaccines.

Rossen Reports: Jeff’s parents document the tumultuous battle to get vaccines.

Hello. The technology for creating a vaccine the same year we discovered the virus was incredible. Do you think that’s going to be the hardest part? It doesn’t appear that it brings to you a release. According to many of you and the experts, there is a mess from state to state, county to county. Nobody knows what happened or how the vaccine was given. How do you meet now? A frustrating real-time inner look at Rial in trying to find a vaccine and what you can do about it. For now, remember, the vaccine is celebrated for approval. How can I help you today? Cowich. Vaccine. Now it’s a chaos. Please stay on line and your calls will be in order. It had been well received over an hour and it was still suspended. This is hard to look at all of us. But for me it’s especially personal. That’s my mom That’s my dad sent me half a dozen videos so that I can understand their anger. Very disappointing It’s like the wild west here. They live in Florida more than 65 eligible for the vaccine, spending hours calling their hospitals and health authorities a few minutes. Now we’re half left with the Palm Beach County Health Department. And then they tell me sorry, we can’t help you call back next week. Here’s how to schedule an appointment for a vaccine. I don’t know what to do, why this happened. And how was it fixed? I want to go straight to the source, this Dr Paul is on the FDA advisory panel that approved the Madonna and Pfizer vaccines for sale, and he’s joining us on Zoom now to keep us all safe and avoid it. My mom calls this Wild, Wild West. I think that’s not what you think when you approve of all of this. Yeah, I just think we are. We are very good at researching and developing this vaccine very well on that. So we spent a lot of money on $ 24 billion, and now we’re just like everyone for ourselves. I guess that’s what your mom means. Wild, Wild West. It’s like everyone for herself, and that can’t be. And, of course, not just my parents in Daytona Beach, Florida seniors lined up in their cars overnight to try and get vaccinated, wanting to see their kids and grandchildren. That means a lot in Wisconsin. Where the vaccine slowly flows into the boat We were not expecting to be the first in line. I just wanted to guess that it was that piece of pie. In Maryland, seniors are intolerant of the very bad rollout that the state recently changed distribution plans, including them initially in Maryland for God’s pleasure, should I enter the year I My vaccine Operation Warp Speed ​​said. By January 1, 20 million people will be vaccinated. How many vaccination days are there? Experts say that only a fraction of half Lee’s federal government does half the job of packing and shipping vaccines. But then it fell away, the United States defended itself. You have to build a public health infrastructure that doesn’t exist today and costs money, and we’re reluctant to do so. This should be a federal action. Soldiers fill stadiums, fill parking spaces and get vaccinated, vaccinated, and work with states that way, but get it, yes, I think it’s now involved in a number of vaccination campaigns. This cannot be the same as the flu vaccine. When you walk into a pharmacy at your convenience we will need a lot of these vaccination activities in the stadium or synagogue or church or whatever. There are people who need help. They really want to help with this. And they are just us who have no helm. As for the parents, want to know how busy it will be? Eventually the rumors in their neighborhood were exhausted. We just got a call from a friend saying, uh, it’s possible for Macon to have an appointment at a local drugstore. But we have to do it manually. We have to get there immediately. So we hopped in the car and hoped we could get an appointment. We were very fortunate to receive the appointment that we got there. They appeared in many It’s like free for many friends who are still scrambling. I don’t know how many sizes they have. But we managed to do it by appointment so we were lucky I want to know too If the vaccine stays on the shelves for too long, will that be bad? Some good news experts say no If maintaining the right temperature as we reported, then that’s how subzero Can last for weeks or months But as the epidemic worsens, many of you who are watching this now may not be long. We’ll keep following this, telling you what to do as it pops up and when they know how you can get it the hour a day back to you.

Across the country, we run into problems with the release of the COVID-19 vaccine.If you try to get it, you know how bad it is. The slow release has left the vaccine just put on the shelves. What do you plan to bring to you now? Jeff Rossen, National Chief Consumer Reporter, is looking to answer He was helped by his parents in Florida, watch the video above to see what Jeff and the team met.

Across the country, we have seen problems with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you’ve tried it, you’ll know how bad it is. The slow release has left the vaccine just put on the shelves.

What are your plans for now?

National Consumer Reporter Jeff Rossen is looking for answers. He was also helped by his parents in Florida.

Watch the video above to see what Jeff and the team met.

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