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Jen Psaki: I let the briefing room become ‘Propaganda forums’ are not.

“Frankly, the return of the briefing is something that sends a message to the world that we are not afraid to get involved,” Psaki said in an interview with CNN spokesman Brian Stelter on Sunday. in the free media.

Psaki spoke to CNN’s “reliable sources” about what she called “a scammer”. “Healthy push and pull” between the White House and members of the media including right-wingers who oppose Biden’s agenda and often attack him personally.

“My view And more importantly, the president’s point of view is that the story is not about me. or debates with the press,” she said. “The story is about the administration plan and what we are trying to bring to the American people. and when he pledged to rule for all Americans That means talking to different channels — liberals, conservatives, different people, interesting, that̵

7;s what I try to do every day in the briefing room.”

Psaki’s fans have coined the term “Psaki bomb” for her manipulation of right-wing outfit Newsmax. At times, Psaki went viral for rebutting the question’s hypothesis with conspiracy or vague allegations. In an early May exchange, Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson claimed “there was a growing perception that this was only President Obama’s third term” and asked, “What do you say to people saying that?”

Psaki replied: “Who said that?” Robinson said. “You’ve heard a lot about it in the media,” and Saki pressed: “Who’s in the media?”

Psaki pointed out that she is not responsible for web headlines claiming that she “shuts off” the questioner.

but she said she had “It is the responsibility not to let the briefing room become a platform for propaganda or to drive false or misinformation.”

Psaki cited her experience serving as a State Department spokesperson during the Obama administration. When representatives of the Russian and Chinese media “Stay in the briefing room asking the government-directed questions.”

She said: “We see it occasionally in the press room, not every day, but I have a responsibility to the public to make sure they get the right information and the location of the questions that drive propaganda. give them incorrect information.”

In “Trusted Sources,” Psaki repeatedly raised her problem with erroneous location-based questions.

“When people ask questions based on false evidence or questions that skip certain details … what we try to do on our best day is to provide information. Explain how the process works,” Psaki said. “How did the bill become law? How important is it to communicate or go to the G7 or NATO? We don’t need to speak dumb. We have to talk about things in an accessible manner. But we have a duty to Pull the curtain back on governance and government and how things work, and we think Americans will hopefully respond to that.”

Repeated comments by press secretary-generals highlight the distinct differences between Biden and Trump years.

“I think sometimes we forget how strange the last four years were,” Sasaki said in response to a question about what she thought the media misunderstood in their political coverage. “When we returned to where democracy was working, which we are talking to Democrats and Republicans. which we are trying to find legislation and legislation It feels weird — but actually this is the way it should be.”

She seems to be mentoring in a news environment that rewards immediacy.

Psaki will not strive to increase the frequency of Biden’s official press conferences (Biden has held the sole position since taking office), she said he is readily available to the media in an informal setting.

“He asks questions several times a week” and “is always open to engaging journalists. And I expect that to continue,” she said.

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