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‘Jessica, We’re Living’: Excruciating Namibian Air Etiquette Goes Viral

Fortunately for most of us Our workplace brawls aren’t usually broadcast live to countries that are watched or seen by millions of Internet users around the world.

Two presenters on Namibia’s flagship television show went viral after their awkward exchanges were broadcast live.

The controversy began when broadcaster Elmarie Kapunda threw it to her colleague Jessica Kaimu for the sports section.

Kapunda further introduced this section before Kaimu cuts her off: No, you wouldn’t do that. You just say hello to me and say ‘take it,'” she said.

“Jessica, we’re livestreaming,” Kapanda replied – creating a silence between the two. which the presenter did not dare to destroy Ultimately, they are saved by the graphics of news programs that appear to set them and the general public out of their misery.

Unfortunately for Kapunda and Kaimu, Twitter users captured the moment and their tweet went viral.

Now many people online and even South African news presenters. has recreated that moment

faux pas takes place on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) network.

Namibia's first lady releases a powerful video message to trolls who 'embarrassed' her.

The network’s board chair, Lazarus Jacobs, told CNN: “It’s unfortunate for the sports broadcaster. I don’t know what’s going on in her headphones (but) she doesn’t know she’s broadcasting. what people hear and see is something that should happen behind the scenes.”

However, the phrase “Jessica, we’re alive” has spread throughout Namibia. South Africa and others, with online users expressing shock and support for news readers. Many assumed that two news readers disagreed with the broadcast. with some taking sides in the perceived debate.

“Who was wrong on ‘Jessica we are live’ day?” one user asked in a viral tweet. It imagines the questions that will appear in the test of Namibian history over the next two decades.

“Finally Namibia has a celebrity and her name is Jessica. The whole Africa celebrates her like Madiba,” another added.

But Jacobs told CNN that “There’s no conflict, these two women are good colleagues[and]they had a live chat last night where they laughed merrily.”

“When you know you’re broadcasting and you say something that might not be appropriate for the audience. You will stand still,” Jacobs said, adding that the pair agreed to take part in aerial training. but denied reports in Local media said it would be removed from office.

“I personally spoke to the two women to reassure them that their jobs were not in jeopardy. This was an honest mistake. It can happen to anyone,” Jacobs told CNN.

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