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Jets’ Carl Lawson wants to reach ‘out-of-this-world’ level.

Carl Lawson couldn’t reach for a cold drink. a lot without thinking about chasing the defender

It was set up by Lawson’s home design, which had a list of goals including an acceptable lofty sack number and dedicated space for improvements in his first season, with the Jets hanging on the fridge to lock in. hold

“I feel like the sky is the limit,” Lawson says, “but in the end, this is life. Not every goal you set will happen because of external factors. But I will do everything in my power to reach the highest level of my potential and what I think I can become. which is something different from the world.”

Lawson declined to share the sack̵

7;s specific goals, but he included 20 in four seasons with Bengal, including 8.5 as a rookie in 2017 and 5.5 last season before signing a three-year, $45 million free agent contract with him. Arrived at OTAs voluntarily this week after spending the last two with his own regimen. including a trip to Memorial Day weekend at the UFC Training Center in Las Vegas.

“I played jujitsu at the age of 15, 16. [years old] But they wanted me to stop playing football,” Lawson said. “That’s why I stopped.”

Carl Lawson
Carl Lawson
Bill Kostroun

The style of training provides a better understanding of the physical lift. He missed 13 games in total in the 2018 and 2019 seasons and defeated two ACL tears against Auburn.

“I’m an explosive athlete. But you have to control it,” Lawson says. “The focus is primarily on strength, stability, durability and availability. Especially now we have 17 games.”

Reminds that Floyd Mayweather ($30 million) and Logan Paul ($20 million) are both expecting big payouts from their latest exhibition race, Lawson quipped. “I just signed a small contract with the Jets.”

that he did, and with his $30 million guarantee Expectations to be the first jet to break the double-digit sack since Muhammad Wilkerson in 2015 and become the first dominant force since John Abraham left the city in 2006

“A lot of the time Edge rushers miss because QBs can step up in the bag,” said defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. “We have a lot of people inside. I don’t know how many bags I have left.”

The combination of Lawson’s squad with defenses Quinnen Williams, Folorunso Fatukasi and Sheldon Rankins should be beneficial across the board. The perfect situational analogy is former 49ers coach Robert Saleh, who added Dee Ford and Nick Bosa around DeForest Bucker and Arik Armstead to elevate their lunge to the Super Bowl.

Lawson’s 32 defenders pursued just 15 sacks of TJ Watts last season. So he might be due for a breakthrough like Leonard. Williams, who became the Jet Giants when he went from an average of 3.5 sacks per season to 11.5.

“I wanted the sack to go up regardless,” Lawson said. I should have won one on one. [matchup]That’s a good thing to have – great internal players – but the way I think about it is to build whatever the situation. Because what if everyone gets hurt? Can I use it as an excuse? [fewer] sack? not”

Lawson says learning the Jets’ defense is “easy and fun because it fits in with what I’m good at”, but repeating the mini-camp next week will be a better measure than relaxation. in training on Thursday

“I’m excited. Look at my mistakes more than what I do well,” Lawson says. “I know there will be things I’m not familiar with. So I will be able to analyze and continue.”

It’s not a party theme. Based on Ulbrich’s description of Lawson.

“Obsessed with the game,” Ulbrich said. “He wants to be the most technical passer in the league.

While missing from the OTAs, Lawson sent a video of the workout to defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton. The only way to achieve your overall goals is with daily progress.

“If I ever fail I’ll be fine because I know I’ve done everything I can to get there,” Lawson said. I think if you’re really interested in what you’re doing. That’s how you should approach it.”

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