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Jets leaves Titans’ Arthur Smith out of coach search.

It took the Jets almost two weeks to find a new head coach. When they will meet, anyone can guess.

On Thursday, The Jets held a second interview with the Titans’ offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.He was the second candidate they interviewed in person in New Jersey. They interviewed 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Both Saleh and Smith left and headed out for interviews with the other teams.They both caught the attention of almost every team searching for a coach. The jets are now reaching a point where they have to decide if they want to be the team to strike first for one of these preferred candidates or wait first.

“About when we will have a new coach, this is a broad and deep search,”

; said Christopher Johnson, Jets CEO and President on January 4 at the start of the search. This “we will take our time. This is a process and we want to get it right. Obviously, we are not the only team looking for a new coach. Time is always important. But we will make it right “

Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith

That’s where the trouble is where the Jets and the rest of the squad find themselves, the coaching search is the balance between running swiftly to beat other teams to candidates. But also doing a thorough search This year is complicated by COVID-19 restrictions, The Jets interviewed nine applicants. But all the interviews were done. Teams will not choose a coach and vice versa if they do not meet in person. But candidates in the season teams cannot be interviewed in person until their teams are eliminated from the playoffs.

That allowed the Jets to lead Saleh (whose 49ers missed the playoffs) and Smith (whose Titans were eliminated on Sunday) in a second interview this week. They didn’t feel firm enough to try to lock up one of them during their visit. But will they pounce if one of them is hired by another team? Will they have the patience to await interviews themselves? If Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy or Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll advance to the Super Bowl, it means they have to wait until 8th. February to meet with them They can have another virtual interview in the closing weeks before the Super Bowl. But they won’t hire anyone they haven’t met themselves before.

The danger of waiting that long is that the coaches hired in February may have teamwork issues. Most coaching spots are full at the time and it can be difficult to lure the assistant coach.

The first coaching job came Thursday as Jaguars and Urban Meyer agreed on a deal. But Meyer was never a prime candidate other than Jacksonville. Domino will actually start to fall when one of the six slots is filled.

Saleh and Smith are the two hottest names right now. Saleh has been interviewed for all the teams that have launched except the Code. He left the Jets on Wednesday and went to Florida for an interview with the Eagles, the NFL Network reported that he had a second interview with the Chargers.

Smith has interviewed all teams except the Texans who expressed an interest in talking to him. He gave a second interview with the Falcon before coming to New Jersey on Wednesday. After finishing with jets on Thursday, Smith is scheduled to fly to Florida to meet the Eagles for the first time. He’s going to have a second interview with the Lions on Friday.

If one of those two is pulled away by the other teams, it will be interesting to see if the Jets move elsewhere. That is, assuming they have these two on their list, which one can summarize as they both gave an interview this week before anyone else

Or the Jets could wait to see who lost this weekend to see who they could bring for next week’s interview. Daboll, Bieniemy, Rams’ defensive coordinator Brandon Staley and Saints vice coach Aaron Glenn (former player). All Jets) have interviewed Jets and have a playoff game this weekend.

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