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Jimi Hendrix’s Brothers violated a trademark order.

Tina Hendrix said. Billboard That her family “regrets and disappoints the judge’s decision, and I deeply feel that it is inaccurate and unfair for a number of reasons.”

The disrespectful verdict for Leon and Tina Hendrix follows a lengthy court battle that began in 2017 when Experience Hendrix LLC, which owns the late Rocker’s compositions, copyright and trademark recordings – and Authentic Hendrix. LLC which is the issuer of licenses for Hendrix filed a lawsuit for infringement. Experience and authenticity. Hendrix sued Leon Hendrix and its associates for trademark infringement, deceptive conduct and false advertising.

In October 201

9, the court issued a permanent injunction against Leon Hendrix and his corporate bodies, finding them working to create “The illusion of the realm of Jimi Hendrix ‘merchandise includes[d] Cannabis, edible food, food, wine, alcohol, “drugs” and electronic products. “According to court documents

The following July, the court issued a formal injunction to support Experience Hendrix, LLC and Authentic Hendrix, LLC and against “Leon Hendrix, his legal entity..alliance,..” And sentenced Leon $ 402,018.53. But just three months later, Experience and Authentic Hendrix told the court that Leon and Tina Hendrix were violating the court’s permanent injunction.

“Hendrix’s experience sought to exclude the next of Jimi Hendrix relatives from participating in his legacy at all costs for no purpose other than corporate greed and to spread misinformation against. Public that only they belong to Jimi’s family. [when] In fact, they are not, ”continues Tina Hendrix.“ This fight is not about money. Rather, it is the right to use your own family’s birth name for charity. This is more about our freedom of speech and our rights are being violated by this and the preceding order, which is a tacit judgment against my father.

She added: “I was amazed the court sided with Experience Hendrix and removed us from the right to take our own family surname after doing so all our life. This is a rare occurrence. The plaintiffs were given the name Hendrix on the basis of adoption and have been used ever since, only to take advantage of millions of dollars of Jimi Hendrix songs while spending the money to eliminate Jimi’s biological family members one by one, starting with their sons. Jimi’s own, then Jimi’s brother, and now his niece. I never made a single penny for my uncle while running a free music school for kids. “

Although Leon is prohibited by court from using ‘Jimi Hendrix’, ‘Jimi’, ‘Hendrix’ names in any form.; Any registered or pending trademarks of Hendrix ..; Or Jimi Hendrix’s likeness or signature … in any manner, including but not limited to selling, naming, identifying, offering, marketing, labeling, packaging, promotion, distribution or advertising of products. Or any service or related to any product and service, ”he later said. An interview for advertising and promotion purposes of Jimi Hendrix purported guitar, according to court documents.

The court also said Leon and Tina Hendrix hosted and sponsored the benefit to raise money for the non-profit “Jimi Hendrix Music” and sell the Jimi Hendrix t-shirts accompanying their website featuring Hendrix images. On the front and a Hendrix speech followed by a protected Jimi Hendrix signature on the back.

While Tina Hendrix argued in the court’s pleas that the money raised for the HMA academy was owned by a nonprofit charity, But the court said the nonprofit status did not act independently of his duty to comply with the permanent injunction.Engelmayer also ordered Leon to pay the opposing counsel’s attorneys and said that if he and Tina Hendrix failed to comply, they could. An additional fine was made, stating that Leon “carried his prison keys in his own pocket”.

Tina Hendrix said. Billboard“I’m just trying to educate the kids about Jimi and use his name for non-profit purposes. My grandfather gave us that privilege in 1988, everything we get from Jimi’s fans is given to their students and their families. We have proudly served many needy families in honor of Jimi over the past decade. This work never interfered with Experience Hendrix’s business or profits, it only interfered with their lies. We are seeking Pro Bono legal advice at the moment and we intend to fight it till the end. We’ve been known as the Hendrix family since my father was born in 1948. Why are we gagged and excluded from sharing our family history when we are the only ones who can tell? This is an example of rewriting history in order to accommodate a story based on greed and to spread misinformation as facts. ”

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