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Jiri Prochazka bans Dominick Reyes with an impressive elbow spin in the main event of UFC Vegas 25.

Two fights during his UFC career and Jiri Prochazka may have earned the title and reputation as one of the most exciting athletes on the entire roster.

In the main show of UFC Vegas 25 on Saturday night, Prochazka went to war with former title contender Dominick Reyes as the light fighter led him apart best in almost two rounds. After throwing it off his feet in a non-stop action fight, Prochazka hurled his elbow upward, then returned with a back-spinning elbow that completely destroyed Reyes and sent him first to the canvas.

Reyes sat down for several minutes before finally settling into his seat, where he was greeted by Prochazka, who quickly examined his well-being after a brutal knockout.

The fight ends at 4:29 AM, advance to the second round.

“It was a very good fight,” Prochazka said after winning. “I just wanted to show the beauty of the art. But sometimes I go very fast to win. With my punch I̵

7;m still learning from fighting to fight.

“I just flowed after the counterattack from Dominick. I didn’t have a chance to come up with some plans. I’m just in the flow After that, he turned his elbow to try it out. “

Reyes started the punch with a few heavy kicks, then returned to the top with a hard punch that broke Prochazka’s head backwards. Reyes threw with the power behind his left hand, which had captured Proshazka several times. But the Czech boxer was content to eat a punch to shoot back on his own.

The eccentric has always been.Prochazka threw shots from all angles, then chased Reyes across the octagon, while Prochazka certainly did some damage, as shown on Reyes’ face.The former two-time title challenger continued to fire back with plenty of pop. Behind his punch

As the second round began, Reyes’ face was bloody. But he actually puts together a better outfit and searches for his goals with consistency. Despite Reyes’ comeback attempts, Prochazka kept moving forward, firing a punch to the face and kicking it to the body as he continued to add all of his attacks to land.

Time and time again, Reyes watched his feet tremble. But he refused to show any signs of weakness as he threw everything in his arsenal. At one point, Reyes slashed Prochazka with a counter-punch and it looked like maybe he could have made it to the finish line.

Unfortunately for him, Prochazka recovered quickly, while the fighters continued to throw grenades at each other.

That is, until Prochazka threw the first elbow followed by a rotated back elbow that immediately separated Reyes from consciousness as he faced the canvas first.

Now 2-0 in the UFC, while landing just the third elbow of a knockout turn in the history of promotion, Prochazka has positioned himself as a potential contender in his next fight.

“Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s do it,” Prochazka said about the title punch. “I like my neighbor. [Jan] Blachowicz Now it’s a Glover Teixeira fight against Blachowicz, right? So will the winner be my next opponent? Okay, it’s an honor for me. That is a great honor for me. “

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