Joaquin Phoenix honored his brother after accepting the Best Actor Oscar for his role in “Joker.”


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Joaquin Phoenix has devoted much of his life to vegetarianism. But he said he would not force his son to do the same.

This Oscar-winning actor is known for keeping his family life out of the spotlight. gave a rare comment to The Sunday Times about raising the river. His youngest son with actress Rooney Mara, partner.

The couple welcomed the children. which they named after Phoenix’s late musician brother. In September 2020, according to reports, they spoke publicly about the birth of their son for the first time the following month in a People comment about family separations at the border.

In an article published on Sunday, the “Joker” star said he “hoped” Rivers wanted to be vegan. But it’s not for the actors to decide.

“I’m not going to force my beliefs on my children,” he said. “I don’t think that’s right.”

But Phoenix said he would “educate (River) about the reality” of the meat and dairy industry.

“I’m not going to teach him the idea that McDonald’s has a Happy Meal because nothing (expletive) is happy with that meal,” he continued, “and I’m not going to tell him it’s okay to read a book about animals in the United States.” amazing farm And they say ‘ooo oo oo oo oo’ and ‘moo moo moo’ and don’t tell them that’s what a hamburger is.”

He added: “So I’m not going to prolong the lie. But I won’t force him to be vegan. i will support him That’s my plan.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals of Animals honored Phoenix as Person of the Year in 2019. The actor has appeared in a number of PETA advertising campaigns, including one in which he “drows” to “show that fish tend to tolerate drowsiness.” How to suffer in the last moments of life,” said Peta.

Phoenix has commented on animal welfare. It began attacking the dairy industry during his acceptance speech for the best actor at the 2020 Oscars.

“We feel the right to inseminate cows. and when she gave birth We will steal your child. though her cry of anguish was unmistakable,” he said, “and we took her milk for her calf. And then we put it in our coffee and cereal.”

Oscar: Joaquin Phoenix Keep up the promise of dressing over and over – again.

The remarks raised concerns among dairy farmers, who said the actor was uneducated about the issues he supported.

“We have a free country. have freedom of expression But we hope Joaquin Phoenix talks to us more than we do. because if he did He will learn a lot about the commitment dairy farmers have to animal welfare,” National Milk Producers Federation spokesman Alan Bjerga said after Phoenix’s Oscars speech.

These are all the words Joaquin Phoenix said.Speech in response to the Oscar poignant in honor of Brother River

Contributions: Erin Jensen, Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY; Rick Barrett, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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