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Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers discusses the case of protective hardware in all-around jewels against Utah Jazz.

Philadelphia 76ers actor Joel Embiid said his outstanding performance in Wednesday night’s win over Utah Jazz 131-123 was boosted by playing against Rudy Gobern. T

Embiid, who has 40 points – including three pointers that tied the game with 6.5 seconds remaining in going to 1

9 rebounds, three stealing assists and two blocks in 40 minutes – told ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan in December. That Gobert shouldn’t be the third All-NBA team last season instead of him. He also has repeatedly said he wants to win the Footballer of the Year award. The Gobert trophy is the favorite to win this season, and there are exceptions for local media members who say he is “scared”. To play with the big man, jazz after missing the Philadelphia team Loss in Utah last month with a back injury.

“As we saw tonight, it looks like I am terrified of him,” said Embiid in a sarcastic tone.

“But to go up against him, one of my goals is to be the defensive player of the year too, so you know when you face that kind of guy he’s a great player and you know he does a lot. For His team that doesn’t appear in the statistics sheet … but when you clash with them you know it brings something else to my game.

“I want to take the position of offensive But it’s mostly on defense because that’s the goal I set for myself earlier in the year … that’s the match you want to go out and just dominate and Prove to everyone that as a team we have a great team and you should be there when it comes to the rankings and stuff. “

Embiid is the difference at both ends for Philadelphia. While Jazz overtook the Sixers 63-24 at the 3-point line, Embiid continued his season-long parade to the foul line – he took 13 as Jazz led 19 in the team, which was One of the things that brought up the ousted jazz star Donovan Mitchell and many Utah players criticized the staff after the game Embiid was defending everywhere too, repeatedly destroying the Lobs to the edge gobert. Repeatedly and in a single play, stopping Mitchell drives only to jump right back up and block Gobert Dunk’s efforts.

But for Embiid, the lack of respect for award voting last season after the Sixers exited the playoffs in the first round, with the Boston Celtics a source of motivation he spoke publicly to return to the pre-season.

However, he specifically separates Gobert as a source of frustration in being selected as the top-three team’s All-NBA center ahead of him.

“I admit that Anthony Davis had a better season than me,” Embiid told MacMullan in December.[Nikola] Joker? Controversial But Rudy Gobert? Not guilty but he [averaged] 15 [points] And 13 [rebounds] And I have 23 and 12 years and that’s a big difference. I think my numbers are improving. But people don’t want to vote for me because our team is not doing well.

“It’s okay, because I’m going to use it to motivate me, so I don’t have a chance someone else will make mistakes.”

When asked after Wednesday’s game if that snub was playing a role in his performance, he wasn’t trying to hide it.

“It’s pretty fair,” Embiid said. “But what motivated me to win the game if I didn’t win, you know, you’re not part of those conversations when it comes to Defensive Player of the Year and MVP and everything, that’s the thing. The first I want to win That’s all i care about

“The past is the past. It’s unfortunate that things happened last year when I wasn’t there … it played a huge role in my thinking this year, just wanting to destroy everything that got in my way.” Playing with There are a lot of great players every night, they are really good at what they do. But wherever I want to get the job done, defend and push, that’s what I have to do. “

Embiid, who will kick off Sunday’s all-stars game in Atlanta, is having the best season of his career easily, with an average of 30.2 points, 11.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists. He was one of the top contenders for the MVP award as Philadelphia entered the All-Star Break by leading a half-game over the Brooklyn Nets for the best record at the Eastern Conference.

But after a lot of recent games, Embiid has said over and over again that he is more interested in receiving the Defensive Player of the Year award than the MVP, even if it is fair, he would not bring that honor down if it came. To his way

And while Embiid said several times on Wednesday that teammate Ben Simmons was also deserving of the defensive award, speaking ahead of the game, Sixers coach Doc Rivers said he believed Sci. Mammons should be encouraged before Gobert. It said he was focused on winning an honor because he has had that as a target since entering the NBA.

“When I entered the league, I never thought I was that good,” said Embiid. “I always focus on defenders and that’s my goal to win it all along. It’s nice to do it. But, as I said, that’s the focus of mine coming into the league and it’s clear to score goals and offensive. Has occupied

“I go back to the old things – you can’t be in those conversations without winning, now we win, we are the first in the East, we beat the best team in the league. So many great teammates who do a great job, you will see. [Sixers teammate Tobias Harris]That’s why I declared him an All-Star, because you look at the night like he’s dominating overtime tonight. And you know, as a team we all play together, we move the ball and we defend well. ”

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