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John Bolton was able to gather evidence about the classification process to decide the rules.

The court case on whether the federal government is able to accept money related to Bolton’s books will continue.

Bolton insists he does not intend to disclose confidential information and believes the Trump administration’s information about the president after the book has passed almost the entire approval process. Authorities for the letter that Bolton has been working with has supported the narrative of his process, saying through her lawyer that Trump’s allies are trying to protect the president.

Judge Royce Lambert of the DC District Court decided on Thursday Bolton’s evidence collection would be tightly controlled in his court. He will be able to get some evidence from the top government officials at first and will need the judge̵

7;s approval before continuing.

“Bolton may have made only findings in his allegations that President Trump or a senior White House official acted in good faith, deliberately delaying pre-publishing reviews and trying to influence classification decisions.” Moo inappropriately, ”Lambert wrote.

The Bolton book, which was a major damaging moment for Trump politically during the election year, was one of the episodes that received significant criticism of the Trump administration’s political upheaval. Camps in the Intelligence and Justice Department

A former NSC official accused the White House of trying to block the Bolton books in response to Trump.

Former Attorney General William Barr has signed the White House’s petition to halt the printing of Bolton’s books, a day before its release.

Barr sent Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to discuss with the plan attorneys on how to file a lawsuit against Bolton, according to a person familiar with the handling of the case. The lawyer advised that efforts to stop the publication of Bolton’s book were bad. Their concerns were ignored and Barr signed a lawsuit against the person. Part of the lawsuit seeking to stop publication has failed because the book is already in the hands of the bookmaker.

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