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Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine ran into production problems.

A Johnson & Johnson spokesman declined to confirm the delay, but said the company remained “confident of our ability to meet its 2021 supply commitments”.

“We remain in active discussions with regulators, including approval and validation of our manufacturing processes,” the spokesman said.

“Operation Warp Speed ​​is working with Johnson & Johnson to scale and maximize production of the Janssen vaccine,” a HHS spokesperson said.

Warp Speed’s co-director Moncef Slaoui alluded to the slowdown in production, telling reporters the company was currently tracking volumes. By the second half of February, the company will have a “bigger number”

; by April, he added.

The New York Times first reported a production delay.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is seen as critical to speeding up efforts by the country to end the epidemic, especially since it only needs one time. The picture does not need to be stored below zero, which requires a special freezer

In contrast, Pfizer and Modena vaccines currently sold require two separate doses, which complicates the vaccination regimen for health authorities and providers, which must be ensured. That the patient returned to receive a second vaccination

But the Johnson & Johnson filming also used an older method that incorporated coronavirus genetic information into conventional viruses, while Pfizer and Modern should use new Messenger-based technology. RNA to deliver commands to cells While the mRNA method was not proven before those products, vaccine experts said it was easy to scale up quickly.

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