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José De León is strong in his Reds debut.

CINCINNATI – The Reds did not plan to have both Jeff Hoffman and José De León in the 2021 turnover, it became a necessity when Sonny Gray and Michael Lorenzen opened the regular season on the injured list.

Like Hoffman on Sunday, De Leon made the most of the opportunity to step into Monday with the pirates. In a non-determination, he defeated nine plus five innings before the Reds clinched a 5-3 victory at Great American Ball Park.It was again Nick Castellanos through a massive home match that scored a 2-2 draw on the lower half of the innings. 7th place to help Cincinnati win for the third time in the first four games.

“We have to choose each other,”

; said Reds manager David Bell. “We talked about having depth in the initial pitch and we were lucky to have that. But for those of you who come through, step in and be an integral part of the successful pitching team, it helps us keep rolling. ”

In his first start since 2016 with Dodgers, De León kicked off the evening with an ominous form. His 2-2 transformation by one of the missed first innings in the attacking field and Phillip Evans crushed it for a 445-foot homer to center-left field, Catcher Tucker Barnhart could be seen. Obtained by crouching as the ball leaves Evans’ bat. Colin Moran scored two later with two outsiders, Colin Moran moved a first-level slider for a 374-foot homer to the right field, making the game 2-0 a 2- 0

After all, there was nothing De León shocked anyone – except perhaps the hitter pirate who hit him again. With his sinker averaging 94 mph, De León hit the first two balls of the second inning.

“I was able to settle after two single shots. The shot solo will not kill you. De Leon said. “I was just out there with a different advantage on the second inning and I was more aggressive. I take it personally. “

De León, who has not equalized since 2019 with the Rays, ran himself back, running Nick Senzel from first base, defeating the fielder’s choice from Jonathan Indians. Two battles later, with two divisions, De León put a single pass on the right to score Senzel for a big-league hit and his first RBI.

In the third inning, followed by a single led by pitcher JT Brubaker and an error stopping shortstop Eugenio Suárez when he refused to trade for a double play, De León went to the side – All had either 94 or 95 mph sinkers – including the two hitters who burned him earlier, Evans and Moran.

In the fourth inning, De León withdrew from the side on five pitches. He was still a little tired from running the base in the second innings.

“I had to try to stay calm, that was when I felt something clicking,” De Leon said. “I spent a lot of time on the slopes on the pitch, taking deep breaths. It’s something I think helped me by getting a little tired on that occasion.

De Leon hit another side out in the fifth inning, which included a two-off walk. Bell raised the right-hander following a lead walk to open the top of the sixth inning.

On Sunday, Hoffman secured a 12-1 victory over the Cardinals with five strong innings in one baseball run. He was still fifth-runner-up pitcher of record when Castellanos crushed a three-man homer to a 1-1 split.

“This is the starting point we want from him and all of our startups,” said Mike Mustakas, who drew game two with Homer Solo with two goals to the right pitch in the inning. 5. “Especially when we can’t score and they can, it will put pressure on us.”

The run stopped even harder as Castellanos returned home in his fourth plate appearance in the evening by one of the seventh innings. Two more runs scored in eight.

Compared to Pittsburgh’s handful Sam Howard reliever, Castellanos was recognized as a fine 3-1 slider after he tried to count full Howard followed by 94 mph fastball and Castellanos were above it too. Driving 431 feet to the left field, leaving the bat at 108.9 mph. He turned the racket and brushed the base, better ending the day.

Earlier in the day, MLB issued a two-game suspension for Castellanos as he took part in Saturday’s bench-clearing event against St. Louis. He was allowed to play pending his appeal.

“Obviously he has carried us since the start of the season,” said Mustakas. “His energy is electricity”

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