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Josh D’Amaro discusses a fresh, technology-focused future at Disney Parks.

During an interview with CNN Business, Disney Parks President Josh D’Amaro spoke about the future of Disney Parks during preparations for the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort.

D’Amaro wants to assure, first of all, that the company will protect Walt Disney’s legacy and will continue the magic that people have come to expect from Disney Park:

First of all, I must say that we have a long legacy here. Once again at Disneyland, Walt walked these streets. I want to make sure that we protect that legacy to make sure that we continue to be the magic that people expect from us.

However, he continues, “We have the opportunity to veer and invite new guests into our world and showcase brand-new characters and intellectual property heading into our parks. [and] Take a look at new technologies that will make this experience even better than it was before we entered the epidemic.

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The interview will then focus on discussing the possibilities of “metaverse”. D’Amaro discusses the opportunity to integrate Disney Parks into a “digital format” no other company can do. “

I’m sure you’ve heard this term before: “metaverse”, the opportunity to bring these assets primarily into digital frameworks. It gives us endless opportunities at these amusement parks. It can bring the main streets to life in ways you’ve never seen before. You can get the whole park people to take part in a game that ends with a celebration at the top center of the main street. The possibilities are endless, and I think that’s something we are incredibly unique in the Disney Company, combining forward-looking digital footprints with our existing assets and making them available. The incredible relevance today

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Walt Disney Co. continues to be a huge success with Disney +, with more than 100 million followers last month. With its success, “new intellectual properties began to emerge, whether in the Marvel world. [such as with Marvel’s Avengers Campus coming to Disney California Adventure,] Or something new and incredibly interesting, ”continues D’Amaro.

We will put them together to lead the world in different ways. [Marvel’s] Avengers Campus will be a campus that will never be possible. [Marvel President] Kevin Feige continues to create new stories, new characters, those stories, and characters show themselves at the park.

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On the topic of upcoming technology to the park, as we’ve seen with MagicMobile and Disney Genie’s upcoming trip planner, Walt Disney World, D’Amaro said features like these allow Disney “to tell a relevant story. Unbelievable With the person we want to talk to “

You can think of a digital overlay on a single land, a single attraction, the vendors or food venues we have, which can change over time in ways that make it feel totally new and different. Completely with the guests who visited the day before … If you think about our physical footprint and are able to recreate that every day, the possibilities here are endless.

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Of course, we’ve seen the Disney theme park reservation system already in place at Walt Disney World, and we will see this system for the re-opening of Disneyland Resort on April 12, mobile ordering through My Disney. Experience, or the Disneyland app, has been around for a few years, ”D’Amaro argues,“ People have an easier time finding places to eat, and experiences that make them spend more. Time in the park and with family “

D’Amaro continued, “The stratification [of] Technology in attractions, merchandise and dining venues became apparent when Avengers Campus opened at Disneyland Resort on June 4.

Source: CNN Business

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