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Josh Duhamel Responds To Jupiter’s Inheritance Abolition With Hilarious Images

Jupiter’s Legacy star Josh Duhamel has responded to Netflix canceling the show after one season. by posting funny pictures on social media

Josh Duhamel Had the Perfect Response to the Shocking Cancellation of Jupiter̵

7;s Legacywhich was axed after just one season. The 48-year-old actor plays Sheldon. Sampson in the Netflix series leads a group of morally upright heroes called the Union of Justice. His character is known as The Utopian due to his rigorous standards and Superman-like abilities.

Jupiter’s Legacy Based on the Mark Millar and Frank Quietly comic book series, which premieres on Netflix on May 7. Duhamel joins the talented cast including Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris and Matt Lanter for less than one Wednesday. months since its premiere Jupiter’s Legacy It was canceled after one season, instead, Netflix ordered a spinoff called Instead. Super Crooks, which is based on another animated series Millar.

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Duhamel took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the sudden cancellation of his latest project. The actor shared a shirtless selfie. By showing off his super hero figure and the long, gray hair he sported in the series. “When you get dumped by Netflix and you have to go back there.” Duhamel wrote in the caption. He also followed his words with a noticeable jab at the streaming giant: “What’s up, Hulu?” Transformer The parody star, check out his post below:

Duhamel’s catchphrase was like canceling the show was a bad breakup. When the left side shares revenge photos to prove that everything is too good to be good. But if you post funny He seemed to understand the situation. Several co-stars also expressed their frustration with Andrew Horton, who plays Duhamel’s son in the series. He posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram to tell how sorry he was about canceling Netflix. Jupiter’s LegacyWhile Millar agreed there was still a lot to explore. Jupiter’s Legacy, Showrunners are also excited to expand his Millarworld. Super Crooks.

Although Netflix does not disclose ratings for the offer But the negative reviews and low viewership also seem to be the reason. Jupiter’s Legacy It was canceled after the high-budget premiere. It’s interesting to note that the series has been a huge hit over other comic book franchises. Disney+ has a Marvel show, while HBO Max nominates DC, perhaps a live adaptation of Millar. More guns may be needed to deal with these heavyweight heroes. Perhaps, if Millar’s spin-off project gets better numbers, Duhamel will be able to put on his superhero cloak again.

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Source: Josh Duhamel/Instagram

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