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Josh Hawley Biden Nominated Over Major Competition Theory

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri has suspended Kiran Ahuja’s nomination to lead the federal personnel agency. “Due to her track record of promoting violently criticized race theorists,” said Hawley spokesman Kelli Ford.

“These associations truly deserve to be examined. Especially in light of the nomination of Mrs. Ahuja to a role that would allow her to reinstate racially based training across the entire federal government,” Ford said in a statement.

The suspension of the Ahuja nomination is just the latest flashpoint in a broader conservative effort to push forward a major race theory that recognizes systemic racism as a part of American society and challenges the belief that “the supremacy of racism is a part of American society.”

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As head of the Office of Personnel Management, Ahuja will play a crucial role in managing the entire federal workforce under Biden earlier this year. The president has issued an executive order stating that government agencies no longer need to submit diversity training materials to the Office of Personnel Management for approval. As authorized under the previous administration

“Kiran Ahuja is a qualified, experienced and dedicated civil servant who we look forward to leading the Office of Personnel Management in protecting the safety of workers. Empowering Federal Employees and create federal employees that look like America,” White, a council spokesman, told CNN.

Each senator has the ability to withhold verifiable Senate nominations. which caused a delay in voting

Meanwhile, Democrats hope Ahuja will get a quick confirmation. But she will now join the vast list of Biden nominees awaiting Senate vote, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will have to take extra steps to advance her nomination.

Several sources told CNN that although the process was slightly delayed. But they don’t believe Ahuja’s nominations are in jeopardy.

during her confirmation hearing in April. Hawley has pitched Ahuja over her stance on key competitive theory and diversity training. “The last administration halted diversity training with any element of what is sometimes referred to as the key competitive theory. Do you agree with the previous management’s decision?” Hawley asked.

Ahuja, meanwhile, said she doesn’t know the specifics of the training cited. But she noted that the training she was familiar with. “It has encouraged people to understand people from all walks of life.”

Hawley also accused Ahuja of promoting the work of Dr. Ibram Kendi, a professor and anti-racist activist. It included endorsement of an article claiming that the past 2016 election of President Donald Trump “is an example of racial advancement.”

Ahuja admits that she has worked with Kendi and calls him a thought leader. But she said she couldn’t remember the specific article he was referring to. And she herself has not made the same comment about the election.

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