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Judge Jeanine: Fauci put ‘America last’ using media ‘hoax tour’ to cover up origin of COVID

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro condemned Dr. Fauci on Saturday. After thousands of emails revealing his contacts at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: The big lie started almost as soon as the virus spread. It’s a virus that just jumps from animal to person. Now we know that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Prince of Everything COVID-19 know about the whisper But we did everything we could to deny that the virus was designed to infect and kill humans. So for 15 months we were sold on a huge lie. The man who killed more than half a million Americans shut down our economy divide our country

Fauci knows the difference and takes a scam tour to keep secrets from being revealed. Indeed, America stood up and exposed her to China as fragile, gullible and weak. This week, Fauci called on in June 2021

that China release the medical records of a Wuhan lab worker who fell ill in November 2019, not only too late— It’s laughable.

The mystery became clear when Fauci’s email was revealed this week. We have learned that despite It has been lied by WHO leader Tedros Adhanom, a puppet Ethiopian biologist, CCP-appointed, that the virus cannot be transmitted from person to person. that’s a lie But why do you say that when selling it will only make the virus spread faster?

Fauci has also had direct contact with Chinese health officials since the beginning of the pandemic. They were so close that Fauci told the Chinese CDC director that they would. ‘Let’s go through this together’ Curiosity The United States had no access to the Wuhan lab, but ‘Prince Fausi’ was there in black and white to allay their guilt and anxiety. Why does our representative tell the head of another country, the Chinese Communist Party, that we will get through this together? What is this ‘together’?

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