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‘Justice League’ star Ray Fisher speaks after being removed from The Flash after a feud with studio boss

Ray Fisher confirmed that his character, Cyborg, has been removed from the DC Comics film The Flash.

Fisher played a cyborg role in the 2017 film Justice League and is expected to return to the role in Ezra Miller’s Flash-focused solo, however, after months of feud with WarnerMedia’s boss about Against misconduct by director Joss Whedon and other executives, Fisher announced on Twitter that he would no longer be working with DC film president Walter Hamada.

Despite the apparent remarks, Fisher noted that he disagreed with the decision to remove him from the unnamed The Flash movie.

“I have officially confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to remove me from The Flash team,”

; he wrote in a lengthy statement on Wednesday. “I strongly disagree with their decision. But it is not surprising at all. “

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In June 2020, Fisher summoned Whedon, who was brought in to arrange for a new “Justice League” filming after Zack Snyder was forced to leave filming. Fisher called the treatment of the cast and crew on Whedon’s set “vicious, inappropriate, unprofessional and totally unacceptable.”

In August, WarnerMedia announced it would launch a third-party investigation into Fisher’s claims of unprofessional behavior, including executive producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, who acted as the Co-chair of Warners’ DC Films division

In December, WarnerMedia announced that it had concluded its investigation and noted that However, it will not go into details on what the action is.

In his latest blame for the studio boss, Fisher claimed Hamada thwarted an investigation to try to protect John while throwing Wedon and Burke under a bus.

Ray Fisher insists he will not be appearing in Tandalone's The Flash for DC.

Ray Fisher insists he will not be appearing in Tandalone’s The Flash for DC.
(Rick Kern / WireImage)

Fisher said he spoke on the phone with Hamada for almost an hour in July 2020 to convince him that Johns was another important contributor to the negative experience he had filmed for “Justice League”. Times, but the studio boss did everything he could to cover up Although he accused “Blatantly racist” was followed.

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“Despite Walter’s best efforts, the Justice League investigation was able to uncover Geoff Johns’ racist, discriminatory and retaliatory behavior during his tenure with WarnerMedia affiliates. WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon immediately, ”Fisher wrote in his lengthy Twitter statement. “Although it is more legal and financial safer to let Geoff Johns quietly leave or let Joss Whedon ‘quit’ on his own accord. But I am not sharing those responsibilities.

The star went on to say that what he experienced shouldn’t have happened and it was a revelation. “Hollywood’s cover culture” today.

“I insist that Walter Hamada is unsuitable for leadership positions – and whenever I am willing to submit to the polygraph test in support of my demands against him,” Fisher wrote. “I don’t know how many times there have been workplace harassment in the past. But hopefully the Justice League investigation will be the last. “

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He concluded by saying that he was willing to pay a price not to repay the cyborg character if it meant revealing Hamada’s actions.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, WarnerMedia Chairman and CEO Ann Sarnoff supported Hamada in the fight.

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“I believe in Walter Hamada and he has not interfered with or interfere with the investigation,” she said. “Additionally, I have full confidence in the investigative and discovery process. Recognize, recognized by my colleagues, my colleagues, and me as a person of good character and honesty, as I said in Walter’s latest expansion announcement. I’m excited about where he takes on DC Films and look forward to working with him and the rest of the team to create a DC Multiverse.

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