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Justin Fairfax accused Terry McAuliffe of treating him like Emmett so far.

Terry McAuliffe, this year’s top candidate, Democratic Primary for Virginia governor, faced rivals in discussions on Tuesday night as they look to reduce broad support from surface voters. black In a most extraordinary way, Black Governor Justin Fairfax accused McAuliffe of treating him like George Floyd or Emmett Till after Mr Fairfax was accused of rape by two women in 2019.

McAuliffe, a former white governor backed by many of the state’s top elected officials, voted publicly that year for Mr Fairfax to resign.

Mr Fairfax’s speech on Tuesday, in which he compared himself to two blacks killed in white violence, was the most obvious attempt by one of the three black candidates. In a race to draw racial differences between them and Mr McAuliffe, whose goal is to seize the office he held in 201


The allegations came at the end of the debate, the first for five Virginia Democrats running for governor. In response to a question asking applicants to imagine the future of law enforcement in Virginia, Fairfax said the theoretical explanation was unnecessary because he was the embodiment of the damage caused by false allegations and accelerations. Urgent to judge

“Everyone on this stage urged me to resign immediately, including Terry Macliffe, three minutes after the press release,” said Fairfax. With me, like Emmette, to an unreasonable step, I immediately felt guilty. I have a son and I have a daughter and I don’t want my daughter to be abused, I don’t want my son to be accused of impersonation. And this is the real world in which we live, so we need to speak truth with power and we need to be very clear about how it affects people’s lives. ”

Mr Macliffe did not respond to Mr Fairfax on the debate stage. His spokesperson declined to make any remarks.

In February 2019, amid a series of scandals surrounding Gov. Ralph Northam’s annual medical textbook photos in blackface, two women accused Mr Fairfax of sexually assaulting them on each episode – a verse. Allegations that Mr. Fairfax has always denied. Mr Fairfax faces calls for resignation. A week later, in a speech on the Virginia Senate floor, he compared himself to lynching victims.

Mr Fairfax was not the only candidate on Tuesday night trying to separate black voters from Macliffe. Inadequate public surveys of the competition found that Mr.

Jennifer McClellan, a state senator running for governor, accused McAuliffe of supporting the state’s parole system too little, cutting a deal with the National Rifle Association during his tenure as governor and an advocate of justice. Late racial

“Racial justice is more than just criminal justice reform,” said blacksmith McClellan. “It’s embedded in every system we have in government, and I don’t want George Floyd’s murder. Or a Unite the Right assembly to teach me. “

During his conversations, he highlighted his relationship with Northam and President Biden, two Democrats with whom they had a strong and well-established relationship. Support from black voters He emphasized his movement to restore the voting rights of the 206,000 criminals in the state and said all police officers in the state should wear a camera “so we can see what happens.”

“Thank God we had all those people who had those cell phones when George Floyd was murdered,” he said.

McAuliffe seldom mentioned his rivals during the debate except to remind viewers that Ms. McClellan was his partner, often when he was governor. But Mr Fairfax, at the end of the debate, tried to define himself as the main contender of the cowardly former governor.

“There seem to be two rules here, one where the governor can talk as long as he wants and do whatever he wants, and one for everyone,” Fairfax said. It’s part of the problem that we have so many disparities in our society. ”

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