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Kamala Harris ignores Memorial Day in a tweet. ‘Enjoy the long weekend’

Vice President Kamala Harris caught online attention on Saturday telling Americans “Enjoy the long weekend” which ends with National Mourning Day.

Harris tweeted the words of celebration on Saturday afternoon. with a picture of her smiling She didn’t mention Memorial Day. which is an upcoming federal holiday which is reserved to honor members of the military who lost their lives defending the United States.

The reaction to the tweet was mostly negative and sarcastic. One user replied that “I’ve never been able to ‘have fun’ on Memorial Day. It was much harder when I lost my son fighting for this country. In any case, thank you Madam Vice President.”

Long Island House of Representatives Lee Zeldin finished a short sentence. of Harris that “…and honor the brave men and women of the armies of our country. who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom and liberties,” he wrote.

Even the first admirers of the woman did not hesitate to share their dissatisfaction.

“What a disappointing tweet from people I like and support. Please do better,” one wrote.

A staunch supporter of the Democratic Party retaliated against her governor. two days before the national holiday

“[Harris] Has honored and honored soldiers and vets in 6 months more than the previous government did in 4 years back,” the comment read.

on friday The White House has issued a memorial day notice. signed by President Biden

“Our nation will never forget the courage and patriotism demonstrated by the countless women and men who sacrifice their lives so that we can continue a more perfect union and to defend the rights that are not. can transfer that Americans cherish,” the part reads.

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