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Kamala Harris’s staring words

On this Memorial Day weekend What did Vice President Kamala Harris decide to speak in front of the Naval Academy graduates? Solar energy.

“Today, ask every Marine if she would like to carry a 20 pound battery or a solar panel. And I’m sure she’ll tell you solar panels — and so will he,” she said.

(And if you want to see the media action, ABC News added, “Speak for applause.” In fact, there was silence until Harris gave a small chuckle to provoke the crowd in an appearance. “Please clap your hands”)

Beginning with the pronoun “Joke,” women have been members of the Navy and Marine Corps for a century. And has been allowed to be in all combat units since 201

6. Harris uses a woman as her example, it’s perfectly normal, but the addition of “and he is” is just a performance art for the awake. It’s not. joke it was a mockery

Second, the battery Solar panels to store energy but must be kept for use at night That marine wouldn’t choose between a solar panel and a battery. She had to choose both. And hopefully the battery will be lighter.

China is spending time occupying the South China Sea. persecuted Hong Kong, Taiwan and John Cena, pushing their influence to Africa to prepare for the next century
Kamala Harris wants to make sure our soldiers are carbon neutral.

This is not the only example. Just a few months into the Biden-Harris administration, the CIA has been disrupted for recruiting videos that highlight terms like “intersection” and “cisgender” instead of talking, keeping Americans safe from terrorist threats.

China, Iran and Russia are very excited. While we are concerned about the training of sensitivity They are pushing boundaries all over the world. They are laughing at us.

That Marine—he or she—just wanted to know if we had a serious leader.

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