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Kate Hudson doesn’t exactly endorse Matthew McConaughey in running a possible Texas governor.

We’re not sure Matthew McConaughey should trust Kate Hudson for the endorsement. If he decides to run for governor of Texas We know the Oscar winner has been flirting with the idea for a while, but his. how to lose a guy in 1

0 days The co-star had no clue that he was even considering a career in politics.

Hudson asked Rob. Lowe, thanks for informing her of McConaughey’s political aspirations. She’s on his podcast. Indeed! with Rob Lowewhen he asked her if she would support his campaign in Texas. If he decides to run for governor It’s probably the first time we’ve ever heard of a conversationalist who normally goes silent. Lowe made sure everyone noticed the awkward moment by pointing out that. “That was a long pause. Can I say it’s a very long break?

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Hudson needed a moment to gather her thoughts and make sense of the big news. “Excuse me, wait a minute,” she told Lowe. “Give me a sip of water. [drink]. I didn’t hear this. This is the first time I’ve heard McConaughey has gone into politics.” She didn’t have the best start with her endorsement calling him a “Really interesting guy” — we’re not sure that would be a great campaign slogan. Once she had gathered herself, a spokesperson for Fabletics said voters may “Didn’t get a politician to care as much as he did,” but then she derailed again.

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“I think he’s very sincere, um, but the governor of Texas is a big job,” she added. “I mean, that’s what we’re talking about? Governor of Texas?… Oh wow” lol. We guess Hudson won’t be the first celebrity McConaughey calls him for a campaign if he decides to dive into politics. Maybe Hudson had a lot of politically insecure stories from their co-stars? That may have been where her boss was when Lowe was angling to endorse a campaign for the former. true detective star.

McConaughey hasn’t officially announced anything. But it was a hot topic of conversation as he was promoting his diary. green lightlast fall And he did well in the elections if he had to run for the Democratic Party. But do we know anything about his political stance? He has been obstructed left and right in the past year. So maybe he’ll go on a free path — if he runs.

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