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Katie Couric, Mayim Bialik will be ‘Dangerous!’ Guest stars.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Katie Couric, Mayim Bialik, Aaron Rodgers and journalist Bill Whitaker are among the future hosts to complement the late Alex Trebek on “Jeopardy!”.

The program announced Wednesday that Couric, the journalist and former “Today” host, will be the first woman to host the show.

Trebek, the face of the 36-year show, died of pancreatic cancer on Nov. 8 and the last show he recorded aired last week. The show has opted to temporarily use the guest host rather than in search of a permanent replacement immediately.

Ken Jennings, considered the show̵

7;s greatest champion, is now serving as the first guest host. Once his run is complete, producer Mike Richards will be in attendance for two weeks, while newly announced guests prepare for the stint.

Superstar defender Rodgers, who is currently leading the Green Bay Packers NFL playoffs, is a former “Dangerous Celebrity!” Champion and former CBS star Bialik. The Big Bang Theory and Fox’s current “Call Me Kat” stars are neuroscientists, giving them the right choice to provide clues for the contestants for their brain-teasing performance.

Rodgers, Pro Bowler and two time NFL MVP have been leaked. Of his hosting earlier this week

“I’m sorry for ‘Danger!’ If they wanted to make an announcement, I was really excited,” Rodgers said on Tuesday.

Whitaker, a “60 Minutes” reporter, will also be a guest host.

The show will be donated to the selected host’s charity matching the total dollar amount the contestants won during the run.


This story was updated to correct Bill Whitaker’s spelling of surname.

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