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Kayleigh McEnany blasts CBS news for ‘reveal a few days’ amid three anomalous symptoms: ‘bad’

It was days ago for CBS News after the network was accused of free activists luring softball at the president’s son and broadcasting a widely condemned “60 Minutes” report on Florida Gov. Ron. DeSantis, R. All in less than a week.

Fox News moderator Kayleigh McEnany joined the network in a brief Wednesday tweet. “Revealed a few days”

; for CBS News.

CRITICS BLAST ’60 MINUTES ‘for’ FALSE NARRATIVE ‘where DESANTIS participated publicly in the pay-to-play vaccine program.

“Not good,” she wrote.

Criticism began on Friday when CBS News reacted violently to a report critics called a full-blown democracy movement.

In the first section entitled “Three Ways Companies Can Help Fight Georgia’s Strict New Voting Law,” CBS Money Watch correspondent Khristopher J. Brooks offers advice on how companies can put political pressure on Georgia. How did Georgia Republicans just enshrine a wiped election law? Change

On Friday night, CBS News shared an article on social media that sparked a serious backlash. The tweet has been deleted since Saturday.

“Haha, this tweet is totally partisan,” replied Washington reporter Jerry Dun Levy.

POYNTER INSTITUTE SCOLDS ’60 Minutes’ for Convertible Requirements: ‘Not Exist.’

The CBS appears to update the headline, which Saturday read: “Activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. This is what they want.”

CBS News came in tough days after the network was accused of liberal activism, a softball lobbying at the president's son and widely condemned condemnation.

CBS News came in tough days after the network was accused of liberal activism, the president’s son’s softball lobby, and broadcast a widely condemned “60 Minutes” report on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis all in Less than a week

“CBS Sunday Morning” was then aired to an interview with Hunter Biden that many critics thought the president’s son was too easy. During the interview, Biden admitted that when he was addicted to cocaine crack, he smoked parmesan cheese because it was similar to medicine.

While the cheesy story made headlines, reporter Tracy Smith allowed the president’s son to declare that he had no idea the infamous laptop at the center of the New York Post’s infamous story in The last fall belongs to him.

On Sunday evening, two more issues, the “60 Minutes” of the potato chips, were criticized by Democratic state officials, Liberal media members, conservative experts Publix and DeSantis themselves.

CBS News Explodes for ‘DEM ACTIVISM’ with ‘3 Ways Companies That Can Help to Fight’ Georgia Electoral Laws Report

A report by Sharyn Alfonsi suggested DeSantis gave Publix a preferential treatment to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine as the network donated $ 100,000 to the governor’s political action committee. However, the concept was widely discarded.

“If that’s true – if DeSantis goes through the scheme,” pay for the play. “The implications for the coronavirus vaccine – that was explosive, but ’60 Minutes’ did not provide strong evidence that DeSantis did it,” wrote Poynter’s, senior media writer Tom Jones.

CBS News stands by this story. But it has abandoned the allegations of paying to play out of a “60 Minutes” spokesperson’s statement instead of focusing on the two Democrats defending De Santis.

“When Florida data revealed that blacks were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors ’60 minutes, the facts about the vaccine release, regulated by the governor, we requested and made a request for the release of the vaccine.” Interview with dozens of sources and Relevant agencies We asked for an interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis. He declined. We spoke to Jared Moskowitz, director of state emergency management twice. But he declined to provide camera interviews for our stories until the thought deadline we ignore their views. That’s not true, ”a CBS News spokesperson said in a Fox News statement.

“Compared to his speech yesterday, we also spoke with Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner for more than 50 years. The facts reported by 60 minutes have often sparked controversy and provoked. “Our story on Sunday night speaks for itself.” A CBS News spokesperson continued.

RON DESANTIS BLASTS CBS ’60 Minutes’ for’ Explicitly Edited COVID-19 Public Video Clip: ‘Political Narration’

Moskowitz and Kerner of both Democrats spoke against “60 minutes” after the story aired.

When asked why the defense of the pay-per-play allegations from the “60 Minutes” report was not in the statement, a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News that the newsmagazine program was the only recurring claim made in local newspapers. Of Florida and rejected Additional Comments

Publix calls the idea special accessibility. “Wrong and nasty”

Dan Gainor, Vice President of the Center for Media Research, breaks down CBS in this respect.

“This is not just horrible journalism. But this is the intentional ’60-minute hit ‘of the GOP 2024 presidential candidate, famously once in the news, used to be a proxy to the Democratic Party.It’s the kind of’ news’ you have seen on Pravda in the Union. The Soviet is old and it’s totally irreversible, ”Gainor told Fox News.

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“CBS News needs to be involved with real journalists here. They are required to run a panel-wide apology leading up to each news release and the next ’60 minutes’ issue. Apologies must be detailed and explained. How the network handles facts and falsehood interviews, “Gainor added,” until they do, no conservative person should respond to a CBS interview. ”

Fox News’ Joesph A.Wulfsohn, Nikolas Lanum and Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.

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