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Kelly Clarkson reveals ‘the only song in history’ she’s afraid to repurpose

sound Coach Kelly Clarkson is the undisputed cover queen. She was apparently famous for interpreting other artists’ songs in other singing contests. American idolAnd more recently, her viral group “Kellyoke” has been at the top of her daytime chat show. There doesn’t seem to be any refinement, however iconic or ubiquitous, that Kelly has been unable to make his own since Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My”. Head to Erasure’s “Always” and Yazoo’s “Only You” to “Should I Stay or Should I Go”

; by UK punk legend The Clash. sound Kelly now revealed to her team advisor, Latin superstar Louis Fonsi, that his signature was one A song that she believes is untouchable

“I just knew something,” Kelly told Louis during the pre-battle practice. “You have one song in history that I’m afraid to sing ‘Despacito’… and I practice. so Difficult because I like to sing in Spanish or different languages. ”

“Yes, it Is So many lyrics It’s good for I“Louise admitted with a chuckle.

and It’s like the greatest song of all time. I’m like, ‘You know what? I’ll leave it alone, ” Kelly said humbly.

I am sure you are loyal The Kelly Clarkson Show and sound The audience – and it seems that Louise exclaimed, “Ah, come on, you have Let’s cover it now! ”When he learned of Kelly’s“ Despacito ”anxiety – convinced Kelly could totally kill Fonsi and Daddy Yankee if she decided to surrender. Maybe one day, with Louise’s encouragement, she’ll add it to her “Kellyoke” playlist. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until the knockout round, which kicks off on April 19, to watch Kelly. sound Full time again Last week, it was announced that Kelly was sick and recruited one of her team advisers, Kelsey Ballerini, in the red during this season’s live action round. Kelsey is back as backup coach on Monday, and while Kelly is deeply missed again, her team is in good hands, with Kelsey mentoring Kelly via text messages every step of the way. Monday’s episode ended with two Kelly team members who brilliantly interpreted Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” a song that Kelly performed during “Kellyoke” earlier this year and they worked on “Kellyoke”. Dream, as Kelsea joked, “this Why didn’t Kelly show up today! ”But in the end, with Kelly’s remote advice, Kelsey made the right call.

Below are the fights from Monday’s show:

TEAM BLAKE: Cam Anthony and Emma Caroline “10,000 Hours”

Cam and Emma are very different singers. Cam is an R&B singer with roots in the gospel. Emma is good at the country, so Dan + Shay’s pop crossover song seemed like a good mid-range option to them.Dan + Shay served as Blake Shelton’s fight advisor and made a generous quote. For example, Cam and Emma’s impressions are better than the original! Maybe they are half right. There’s no middle ground here: Emma’s voice is sweet and hearty, but Cam is definitely in charge of this fight. While he was six years younger than Emma, ​​his experience as a former child prodigy. (He started singing at the age of 4 and starred in Ellen And at the White House) let him watch TV in a natural way.Cam is expressive and in his composition, playing with cameras and virtual audiences, including his counterparts. Emma, ​​on the other hand, froze and held back, “It is disappointing to know that you are a great singer and I don’t know how. you You know you’re a great singer because of your body language, ”Blake told Emma before intelligently choosing Cam, who he said,“ Born to do that. ”That’s why it’s so cool. Surprised when Emma was walking embarrassedly beaten down the steps behind Emma, ​​Blake took his season record with her, “I want to scare you!” He said, explaining his shaking. At the last minute to press his button But I have a feeling that Emma will be even more scared when she has to compete with other coaches’ recorded contestants in the next fearsome Four-Way Knockout.

Winner: Cam Anthony / Recorded: Emma Caroline Advances Four-Way Knockout

TEAM KELLY: Halley Greg and Gihanna Zoë, “Thinking Out Loud”

This battle is described as a slam dunk again. But I don’t think the coaches give enough credit to the underdog Halley. At their best, they compliment Halley with adjectives such as “strange” and “interesting”, and often say that her voice is not as big or technically flawless as that of her opponent. But Halley separated Minnie Riperton’s decibel whistle notes out of nowhere, and that impressed me alone. Yes, Kihanna is a strong singer overall. (Although Coach Nick Jonas is a little hyperbolic compared to Beyoncé – Twice!), But I love the sweetness, the warmth and This “imperfection” of Halley’s voice was one fight I didn’t think would bring Save, but after Kelsea sent Kelly a message, she followed her boss’ orders to pick Gihanna and let Halley go when Prague. Turns out, Kelsea needed to save the Save for later.

Winner: Gihanna Zoë

Team Legend: Durell Anthony vs Zania Alaké, “Emotion”

This song choice was inspired by Bee Gees’ recent great documentary (which Nick made cameo) and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen’s fondness for Destiny’s Child, recreated from the written ballad. By Gibbs, it was the perfect complement to the soft voices of the two contestants, and their slow duet was like what coincided with the 1978 Soul Train Awards. Together and just a great show in every way. I like the less feeling of the battle, the real battle and more like a professional duel. But Zania is a more charming and interesting entertainer here. John said they were both “excellent” and especially praised Durell’s lie. But he eventually chose Zania because he was impressed by how much she “stepped up” and “delivered” after being advised by her team advisor this week on “Vocal the Bible” herself. brandy

TEAM BLAKE: Keegan Ferrell vs. Jordan Matthew Young, “Calling All Angels”

Thirty-four-year-old Jordan Rocker had a furious, furious tone in his tone (Dan + Shay complimented him by comparing him to Chris Robinson of Black Crowes) while Keegan was 21. Is a soft pop croner – so this song Train power ballad. really Seems to like Jordan And that’s how you play it on stage. Keegan did his best. But he was clearly out of his own composition, tentatively approaching the song, and he seemed to fail. That being said, while “Calling All Angels” was a fine performance for Jordan’s strong singer, Blake happily described as “sunny, rainy,” and “warm”, it could be argued that “the weather is warm. Keegan, pop bedroom producer, is associated with Today’s market is more than the traveler of a band like Jordan. And that’s the argument that pop star Nick was willing to make when he spent his Steal of the season with Keegan. I’m still not sure if Keegan has the stage to go so far in this tournament. But I think he deserves a chance to show what he can do, so he’s in the right team now. (Side note: Keegan had the option to join Kelly’s team in the first place. But he thinks Blake can lead him to “Next level”. Oops.)

Winner: Jordan Matthew Young / STOLEN: Keegan Ferrell moves to Team Jonas.

Jonas Team: Lindsay Joan and Zae Romeo, “Rewrite the Stars”

Zae sat four chairs around Blind Auditions and he seemed to have an edge. But Lindsay is a drama veteran who starred in Kinky BootsSo the fight with Greatest performer June and two mentors. (Coach Nick and team counselor Darren Kriss) with experience in acting could easily upset her instead. This battle ended in a close match, everything was a matter of taste. Lindsay’s style, of course, was more traditional on Broadway than maverick stylist Zae, and eventually Nick “walked the gut” and picked the latter contestant, who was almost Do not scare But if this battle is broadcast as part of You are the person i want, How do you solve a problem like Maria?, The Glee Project, Or Legally Blonde: The Musical – The Search for Elle WoodsResults can vary greatly.

Winner: Zae Romeo

Team Legend: Ciana Pelekai and Denisha Dalton, “You Broke Me First”.

More like “You look at me first.” AmyriteReally? This season’s fight round could have avoided any cutoff anyway, but luckily it was with poor Ciana and Denisha, whose entire combat experience was reduced to less than a minute of Monday airtime. It was a messy minute with two women barely yelling at each other, so this brutal montage could be guaranteed. From what I was able to gather, John was right to pick Ciana, and I remember enjoying her fresh and fun Blind Audition audition for “Dance Monkey”. Denisha’s “Pillowtalk” is great too, so I’m wondering what’s going on here. Oh well. We’ll see if Ciana will get more screentime next time.

Winner: Ciana Pelekai

TEAM KELLY: Corey Ward and Savanna Woods, “Dreams”

The Stevie Nicks-penned classic is in Savanna’s wheelhouse, she also says she grew up singing Fleetwood Mac with her old band. But the song does a great job with Corey’s filings, and the two share the chemistry of burning up the TV screen that Kelly says it takes years to create. Will not destroy what has just happened I’ll make way for you. ”She gasped happily during rehearsals. Corey and Savanna’s immediate connection was translated to the main stage, with the natural blend of vocals and comfort that shocked Kelsey (Kelsea once spoke of Halsey’s “Dreams” and knew how to How difficult is it to create your own “iconic” song?) Kelsea is leaning towards Savanna, but the three regular coaches are rooting for Corey. Kelly revealed that the winner of the battle was Corey… and Team Kelly’s Save recipient was Savanna! “Kelly knew this would be difficult and she was ready to save.” K. Lazi explained – meaning that at least she had spoken in the outcome. Whoever decides to help Savanna, that’s the right decision. Savanna doesn’t deserve her. sound Broken dreams

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