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Ken Langone: Trump-backed billionaire says Republicans betrayed America

Langone, who voted for Trump in 2016. And gave him credit for improving the economy, the president said. “It’s all over” when he tries to overturn the 2020 election results. “Biden is president,” Langone said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”.

“Wednesday is a humiliation and shouldn’t happen in this country, and if it doesn’t break the hearts of every American, then something is wrong,” Langone said, referring to the blockade of Congress. “It definitely broke my heart, I didn’t sign up for that.”

The billionaire said he would focus on supporting Biden in any way he could.

“I will do everything I can from day one to make sure I do my part to make Joe Biden the most successful president in the country̵

7;s history,” he said. Success, we all win. “

Langone said the country was dealing with “Key Issues”, citing the escalating debt epidemic, collapsing infrastructure and unsupported public school systems.

In a CNN interview shortly before the 2016 election, Langone said his support for Trump’s candidacy was “It’s not about Trump”

“This is the American people who use Trump as a symbol of the anger and disgust of this system,” he said.

Businessman’s offensive reinforces the broader message: Corporate America is breaking up with Trump. In early January, more than 170 business leaders signed a letter calling on Congress to accept Biden’s win.
Some of America’s largest companies have suspended donations to Republican congressmen opposing the electoral college vote; others have ended all political donations.

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