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Kentucky freshman Isaiah Jackson, who is likely to be ESPN’s No. 11 customer to retain the title in the NBA draft.

Projected lottery picker Isaiah Jackson has opted to hire an agent, abandoning his remaining Kentucky qualifications and keeping his name in the 2021 NBA draft, he told ESPN on Friday.

“I felt I was ready,” Jackson told ESPN. “All the feedback from the team was good, people said lottery, which was what I wanted, and that’s one of the main reasons I announced. Therefore, my agent is able to participate and speak on my behalf in terms of negotiating and making sure He can lead me to the right team. “

Jackson, who had a chance at 11th in the ESPN 100, was named for the SEC’s All-Freshman and All-Defensive team after averaging 8.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.1

blocks in 21 minutes for the state. Kentucky by shooting 55% off the field.

“This is going to be a huge burden off my shoulder,” he said. “That’s all everyone wants to know. Lots of Kentucky fans tell me to stay every day. I just want to do what I want. Instead of being restricted, I want to run a camp and give autographs to get paid. My bag, in order to set that up, I have to be fully announced. “

Jackson is considered one of the 2021 NBA’s most explosive shooters, leading the SEC in a blocked shootout. His 12.7 block shoot percentage is comparable to those performed by Anthony Davis and Nerlens Noel during their time in Kentucky, while he is also ranked among the rebounds at Best in class NBA draft class at either end

Jackson also showed impressive progress towards the end of the offensive game as the season went on, which posed a major threat as a rim runner and finisher. Pick-and-Roll With his trusty hand and the ability to quickly level it off the floor for a celebrity. He fouls at an intense rate and turns 70% of his efforts from last season’s free-throw line, demonstrating his potential to face the basket and beat his opponent by dribbling or falling into a jump. In the middle level area

“I know deep inside that everything will come together eventually,” he said. “I know I’m not just a celebrity and I have more than that in my bag, I’m just waiting for this opportunity, coach. [John Calipari] Believe in me all the time But at first he didn’t trust me that much. As the season went on, he told me what I had to do to find out who I was. He told me to go out and rock “

Jackson is currently in Southern California with a number of anticipated draft picks including Baylor’s Davion Mitchell, Tennessee’s Keon Johnson, North Carolina’s Day’Ron Sharpe, G League Ignite’s Jalen Green and Cameron Thomas. From LSU

“To grow in the league, you have to shoot. I think my jumper is getting much better,” he said. Here too [trainer] Don McLean. I am working on the spacing situation and my picks and rolls. It has helped me a lot in terms of scoring, bringing the ball up, the court working on my grip.

“Nowadays, a lot of teams play small balls in the NBA. I can get along well in this game, I can defend every position, bring my defensive physical strength and spread the floor. His brain is a lot, and he gives a lot of advice on the game. My Pick-and-Roll “

Considering the idea later in Kentucky’s recruiting class, as it was just the fourth most announced opportunity in the Wildcats freshman line, Jackson exceeded his expectations and raised his status like It’s significant in scouts ‘eyes with a combination of physical engine, instinct, defensive and upside down.He posted eight blogs against Kansas’ top 10 in his fourth college game in a month’s Champions Classic. December Jackson said that while he was not considered a chance to be one and finished this season, But Kentucky coaching staff has been very supportive of him at the pre-draft step.

“Coach Cal didn’t pressure me back, basically he gave me a blessing, he said he loved having me back. But no matter what decision I made, he shook it, that’s my man, he knew it was my dream.

“One of the things he really instilled in my head is to be consistent in every game. Last year I had a good game and then completely disappear in the future, playing hard and consistent in every game, that’s what. In the NBA, if you don’t, you can’t always grow up in a league, play hard with him big on that. ‘

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