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Kevin Colbert on day three trade: ‘we don’t want to leave defensive player Isaiahh Loudermilk there’

So be careful what you want, because you might as well get it, Pittsburgh Steelers fans tend to complain about front office conservatives when it comes to. But you will be struggling to find a fan of the trade they did yesterday.

“We made our fourth round of trading in 2022 to be able to draft Isaiahh Loudermilk this year,” explains general manager Kevin Colbert. Select some type of compensation during that fourth round. We will never know exactly what it will be like. “

“We just want to come back in the fifth round this year, especially when there are guys like Isaiahh available,” he added. He plays the techniques he will be taught next here. It was exciting to go back and play that round and get a guy like Isaiahh. ”

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6;problem’ is that Loudermilk is not a very demanding player on their drafts boards. In fact, many of the draft analysts, who focus on what you want – even if they are expected to be a priority free agent. But the Steelers saw the defense was over off the board and had to go a long way before they made their next pick.

“In Isaiahh’s case, there weren’t many defensive players coming into this draft,” Colbert said. “Obviously they started getting picked and that’s why we’re willing to trade picks from next year because. We are pretty sure we will have some sort of compensation option. ”

“Back into the fifth round with a future selection, we didn’t want to leave defensive players like Isaiah Dunkermilk there, so to be able to draft that young man at that point, I think. It indicates the people that we Felt that it was ok “

That said, the young man from Wisconsin is entering the crowded defensive room that returned the seven players on the 53-person roster last year, from Cameron Heyward, Stephon Tuitt and Tyson Alualu to Chris Wormley, Carlos. Davis, Isaiah Buggs and Henry Mondeaux were likely more than one second group name would not make the 53-man list, with Loudermilk being thrown in.

Needless to say, it would not have looked good if Loudermilk ended up not making the roster after Colbert traded his future fourth-round option in order to get him. But they liked him enough and felt strong enough with the depth of their position that they were comfortable with in this movement. Let’s see how it plays for them. I wasn’t expecting a young Cameron Heyward, but you never know.

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