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Key takeaways from the developments in the congressional riot investigation on Wednesday.

Nearly a dozen newly-known defendants have been arrested or charged nationwide, and the Justice Department clearly insists that it has poured weight into a major pursuit that could be the most comprehensive counter-terrorism investigation since the 11th. September 2001

The new arrests on Wednesday put the total number of new federal criminal cases to at least 32 in the evening, with hundreds more still being sought or investigated.

Over the past week, investigators have tracked down the most striking faces from the riots. On Wednesday, a federal court charged two police officers from rural Virginia who shared images on social media of themselves posing in front of a statue of a Revolutionary War general in City Hall.

The major arrests are far from the Capitol rebellion.
Swimmer Klete Keller, who won Olympic gold medals in 2004 and 2008, can be identified in video from the riot, in part because of the team USA jacket he wore, according to federal court records published. On wednesday He was also charged with engaging in violent abuse.
Another accused of rioters wearing the “Camp Auschwitz” sweater on Jan. 6, Robert Keith Packer was arrested Wednesday in Newport News, Virginia.

Many of those who have been charged recently attracted their attention by posting photos that were spread on the Internet or were identified. (Or identify yourself) on social media Some have admitted to being involved in a melee with the FBI.

The newly released cases are still mainly aimed at those captured in pictures or videos.

The evidence indicates law enforcement planning said.

The interest is likely to shift to more serious charging cases in the coming weeks.

Until now, the revealed evidence, including the weapons and tactics seen in surveillance videos, showed a level of planning that led investigators to believe attacks were not just uncontrollable protests.
Investigators monitoring the signs of a US congressional uprising have been planned.

This prompted a more complex investigation, where the integrity of the public and the national security prosecutor came together to conduct an investigation, much like the sprawling terrorist investigation.

The appearance of prosecutors and corrupt agents was partly due to their expertise in financial investigations. “We are following the money,” the official said.

As of Wednesday morning, the FBI reportedly received more than 126,000 digital tips from citizens about the attacks on government agencies and is monitoring discussions online.

Among the tips the FBI received are some that appear to be shown to members of Congress, along with people appearing after the congressional uprising, two law enforcement officials said. This does not mean that members of Congress and officials are under investigation. But the FBI is verifying the validity of the claims, officials said.

The court filing revealed the grim details of the threat.

There were some clear cases of dangerous levels surrounding the town hall last week. In particular, two defendants, Cleveland Meredith Jr. and Lonnie Kaufman, were accused of bringing an arsenal into the city with the interest of waging a so-called war.

Kaufman received one of the first indictments from a grand jury in connection with the uprising and now faces 17 counts of felony, most of them armed with a variety of weapons including shotguns and multiple guns, including shotguns, rifles. Three pistols and 11 Molotov cocktails without registration in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, according to the indictment.

He allegedly parked his truck full of explosive blocks from the Congress building before the Trump rally after living in a truck in D.C. for about a week. In court papers on Kaufman, prosecutors revealed they found a handwritten note of Abraham Lincoln’s speech about the subversion. The telephone numbers for right-wing people include Sen. Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity, and the federal government’s labeled list of “bad guys” and members of Congress are Muslims. He pleaded not guilty and was in prison pending trial.

Meredith was accused of text-based intimidation and had 2,500 rounds of ammunition with him in town, an assault rifle and another gun.

He arrived in Washington, D.C., after a pro-Trump rally and was accused of sending a glee message about the shooting of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, he wrote about. “At war” with lawmakers as Congress’ assertion of Joe Biden’s as elected president is imminent, prosecutors said, according to a court filing on Wednesday.

Capitol Riot suspected Cleveland Meredith

“The defendant sent a message,” We will surround DC and shrink it, “the prosecutor noted, arguing his detention. Apparently, law enforcement was investigating his communications. Later, the defendant sent a message stating: ‘I’m not dangerous … I won’t shoot until I receive an SIR command!’ ‘

When Meredith was in town, he was accused of turning heads and assaulting a person, prosecutors added.

“His threats were graphic – he threatened to shoot public officials on live television at the head of a bullet, his threats were rude and misogynist. Moreover, the defendant was clearly very happy to imagine the violence,” he said. Force, which he describes as the words ‘fun’ and ‘target training’, ”they wrote in the detention journal.

DOJ wants people to close the streets …

At least some of the arrests that have already taken place are part of a strategy used in counterterrorism investigations – to find little of the allegations that would take the people of concern off the road. That may help alleviate concerns about a possible attack at the opening ceremony, officials believe.

Authorities had already tried this last week ahead of a pro-Trump rally in Washington when they arrested right-wing leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio for burning the Black Lives Matter banner.

Law enforcement then said they found two high-capacity firearms magazines inside him, causing additional charges to be raised. And this week, federal officials in New York City arrested a man on weapons charges after investigators tracked online postings about an armed caravan headed for the U.S. Capitol.

But the strategy may be limited.

The Justice Department may oppose the potential limit of the law as they try to detain some people – with Meredith’s first challenge.

The possibility arose on Wednesday when the judge pushed them back to ask to detain him.

Meredith’s lawyers argued that keeping him in view as “dangerous” alone was not enough under the law.

“Congress restricts the government’s ability to request detention,” Meredith’s lawyer wrote in a court filing on Wednesday afternoon, citing the limitation of the bail reform act as to the reasons defendants can be detained. Yes, it must be because they are at risk of flying, potentially obstructing or charged with a crime of Violence, drug offenses, or offenses that can result in imprisonment for life or death

Meredith’s attorney argued he should be released while he awaited trial.

Meredith has not been indicted and was arrested last week over a criminal complaint accusing him of illegally possessing a weapon and a harassment.

He is still in custody and is scheduled to appear before Judge Michael Harvey in Washington, D.C., on Thursday on whether he should be held in custody.

CNN’s Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.

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