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Killer drones ‘hunt down on human targets’ without being told

Arnold Schwarzenegger may see this coming.

After the United Nations Committee to Intercept Killer Robots was shut down in 2018, a new report from the international agency says that Terminator-like drones are now here.

Last year, “autonomously armed drones hunted human targets last year” and attacked them without specific orders. According to a report by the UN Security Council experts in Libya. which was published in March 2021, published in New Scientist magazine and The Star.

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March 2020 attacks in Libya and carried out by the Cargu-2 drone. The quadcopter, manufactured by Turkish military technology company STM, “during the conflict between Libyan government forces and a divided military group led by Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army,”

; Star reported. Added: “Kargu-2 is equipped with bombs and drones can target the target in kamikaze attacks. cause an explosion on impact”

The drone works in autonomous mode. “High efficiency” that does not require human supervision. And the report states:

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“A deadly automatic lethal weapon system is programmed to hit targets without an operator-to-weapon data connection: true ‘fire, forget and seek’ capabilities,” indicating that the drone strikes on its own. myself

Zac Cullenborn at the National Association for the Study of Terrorism and Terrorism Response in Maryland said it could be the first time that drones have automatically attacked humans and sounded an alarm.

“How fragile is the object recognition system?” Kallenborn asked in the report, “…how often do you specify the wrong target?”

Jack Watling, at the UK’s Royal United Services Institute for defense research, told New Scientist: “This doesn’t show that autonomous weapons will be impossible to control,” he said, “but it does show that the conversation It is still urgent and important. Technology won’t wait for us.”

In August of last year, Human Rights Watch warned of the need for legislation against New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang has called for a global ban. which is what the United States and Russia against

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