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Kim Jong Un admits that North Korea is facing “Worst situation”

Seoul, South Korea – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un admits that his country is facing The situation was the worst, as he addressed thousands of grassroots members of the coalition during a major political convention in Pyongyang.

Experts say Kim is facing his toughest moment as he approaches a decade of dominance by blocking North Korea’s coronavirus, causing shock to the economy it has received. The ruin of decades of mismanagement and US-led sanctions on his nuclear weapons program.

North Korea’s official central news agency said Kim made his comments during the opening remarks at a meeting of the workers̵

7; party secretary on Tuesday.

A KCNA photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un tells a meeting of the secretary of the worker's party in Pyongyang.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addresses a meeting of the secretary of the prison cell of the ruling Workers’ Party in Pyongyang in an undated photograph released on April 7, 2021 by North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA).

KCNA via Reuters

“Improving people’s living standards … even in the worst situations where we have to overcome many unprecedented challenges depends on the role of the party’s grassroots organizational cells,” Kim said.

He called on members to take decisions at a party meeting in January when he vowed to support his nuclear deterrent in the face of U.S. pressure and to announce a new five-year development plan. Congress comes months after Kim, during another political meeting, expressed unusual sincerity, admitting his plans to improve the economy were unsuccessful.

During a speech on Tuesday, Kim also criticized the party’s grassroots authorities for unspecified “flaws”, which he said should be addressed immediately to ensure the party’s development would. “Healthy and sustainable”

The party’s cells, made up of five to 30 members, are the smallest of the party divisions that oversee operations and live in factories and other locations.Networks are essential tools for workers’ partners to expand their powers. An earlier meeting of the Cell Secretary was held in 2017.

The economic setback leaves Kim nothing to show for his ambitious diplomacy with former President Trump, which failed as a result of his disapproval of lifting sanctions for the sector’s nuclear detachment process. over

So far, Pyongyang has rejected an approach by the Biden administration for talks, saying Washington must first abandon its “enemy” policy and accelerate its pressure by resuming missile testing last month after a year off.

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