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Kim Kardashian denies she was recklessly exposed to COVID-19 during vacation and partying. Is that all true?

THenkim Kardashian treated dozens of her best friends and family with luxury trips to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday during a global pandemic. But it didn’t go well.

Of course, the mother of four was expecting some backlash, so she immediately tried to dispel criticism, with a description posted in the collage of photos from a five-star retreat surrounded by siblings. A bronze maiden and a fiery friend.

“There isn’t a single day I give up, especially in these times, when we are all reminded of something truly important,” she wrote. “For my birthday this year, I couldn̵

7;t imagine using it. What better way to pay than with someone who helped shape me into the woman I am today, before I got COVID-addicted? I don’t think any of us would appreciate the luxury of the simplicity of traveling and living with. Family and friends in a safe environment “

“After two weeks of multiple health checks and asking everyone to quarantine, I amazed my closest insider with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal during the day. In a nutshell, I realized that for most people this was out of my reach right now, so in times like these I was humbly reminded of how privileged my life is. ”

As well as the scandal which struck the Kardashians, ridicule came swiftly and soon died. That was until the episode of Thursday night. Keeping Up With the KardashiansKim revealed she and her children contracted COVID-19 and were forced to quarantine.

Buzzfeed News did an investigation to find a timeline that the family contracted viral, comparing their vacation days with Kim’s social media activity. The shop stated that Kim was sick about 10 days after returning from a trip in late October.

Now, Kim said her 5-year-old son, Saint, was the first to show symptoms after saying he had the virus from someone at his school. It became a domino effect, with Kim and her 7-year-old daughter Northwest also testing positive, so the family and production crew were quarantined for two weeks. She tweeted Thursday that her daughter Chicago, 3, and her youngest child, Psalm 2, were also sick.

The family’s response to the COVID-19 scandal is typical of the smoking and glass strategy that the Kardashians have always embraced, working to turn the story into a narrative that works for them.& rdquo;

Usually, stopping filming is no problem, aside from a few self-taken pictures Kim detailing her symptoms, much like Khloe revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis early in the season. However, Kim is in the middle of an intensive study to take the “baby bar” exam (a test she had to take after her first law study in four years), where she had previously failed her exam, so the show had to go on.

She took a picture of herself in a serious condition that included a severe migraine, a 104-degree fever, and almost lost consciousness while taking the test.

Shortly after Buzzfeed News pointed out the timeline of raising eyebrows, when Kim caught COVID-19, she quickly worked to seal the “false” report, she tweeted, “Nobody caught COVID on the go. Saint was the first to have in our family and he was caught from school from another student who tested positive first. I then started having symptoms and got it a few days after he coughed me while caring for him. ”

However, a representative for Kim declined to be disclosed to Buzzfeed News the day she tested positive when The Daily Beast reached out to her agent declined to comment.

Of course, it’s always a personal decision to decide if someone wants to make public declaration whether or not they have COVID-19.Clearly, if Kim revealed that she and her family were sick immediately after returning from vacation. All hell must be released, with the immediate assumption that she must be revealed while on her extravagant journey.

But being ambiguous opened the door for questions. Have other members of her family been exposed to the virus during this time, and have they been quarantined? According to the Buzzfeed News timeline, Kim may have tested positive on November 7, just days after Kendall Jenner tossed the maskless birthday bash that Kim appears to have attended by the post. A photo of sisters Kylie and Scott Disick.

Kendall tried to keep the party under siege, ordering her 50 guests not to post photos on social media. But when the booze is flowing, celebrities are dressed in Halloween costumes, and the collective attitude that the rules don’t apply to the upper levels, the footage of the incident is leaked.

She dragged over to watch a video of herself blowing candles on her birthday cake, while the masked waitress tried to hold the cake while keeping him away from her.

Family matriarch Chris Jenner attempted to control the damage after a widespread counterattack, saying they took every precautions they could, including rapid testing at the door of the job. Party

“At Kendall, everyone gets tested before they walk in the door and have to wait half an hour until … the results are out,” Kris Jenner told Andy Cohen. All of our family and close friends have been tested in religion. ”

“We do what we can. We try to follow the rules And if someone makes an opinion and they’re criticizing, I can’t control that, ”she added.“ I can control our behavior, and I try to do the best I can. ”

The family’s response to the COVID-19 scandal is typical of the smoking and glass strategy that the Kardashians have always embraced, working to turn the story into a narrative that works for them.

Earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian had her team on a blitz mission to remove what appeared to be the unedited and unfiltered photos of herself in a bikini her grandmother posted on her. Stagram It looked markedly different from the pictures Khloe normally posted.

A small group of fan accounts received threatening messages suggesting they could face copyright infringement lawsuits if they didn’t immediately delete the images. When reports came out of what Khloe’s team was doing, they tried to spin it up.

“The color-edited photo was taken by Khloé during a private family gathering and posted on social media without the assistant’s permission,” a spokesperson said in a statement. It is in the rights of the copyright owner not to want the images that are not intended to be released. “

Later, apparently defender Khloe used the bizarre Instagram Live to show off her stomach and body in an attempt to prove that she really looked like a photo of her.

In a special move last May Forbes Walked back to Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status to the public, describing it as “The Web of Lies” that her team said “Scale and higher success” of her cosmetics company.

The family has spared all the truth from the denial of having ever had plastic surgery or beauty treatments, the feud of Kim and Kanye West and Taylor Swift over their derogatory remarks. She played “Famous” and a number of other small scandals.

Fans have long loved the Kardashian family for welcoming them into their lives in a way that felt truly authentic. We’ve seen them live with heartbreak, family dramas and the foolish moments in between. But more and more, the veil of authenticity has come off and people may no longer be interested in following them.

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