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Kim Kardashian doesn’t look memorable with bleached eyebrows and blonde hair.

Image Credit: Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram


7;s not a dramatic one, but between Kim, Kendall, Khloé, Kourtney, and Kylie, there isn’t a lot of hair color we’ve never seen blue? Yes, Kylie does that. year The past. Honey blonde? Kendall Jenner plays with shades lighter than green? Kylie again, Kim Kardashian takes it a step further with eyebrow bleaching. Yes, I am talking about full bleached eyebrows.

Do not believe me? Check photos Tell you it’s a drastic change Don’t worry though, bc is not permanent! Her charming team consists of celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero and makeup artist Ariel Tejada, thanks for this transformation.

If you’re doing double-take, you’re not alone, fans can hardly believe the photos and videos are of Kim. “I have to watch it twice, I don’t know it’s Kim !!!!” one commented. Another added: “I miss Kim blonde,” she has a lighter shade.

Other social media users confused her with other celebrities “thinking it was Lady Gaga for a second,” another wrote. “I think it’s Jeffree Star,” one fan echoed the sentiment: “Someone thought it was Jeffree Star-“.

I’ll give you a summary.

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One Twitter person wrote, “She became Jeffree Star to defeat Kanye,” citing bizarre rumors that Jeffree and Kanye West had a relationship (???) rumor. For no reason, because without evidence, Jeffree saw the tweet and retweeted it, writing: “It’s time to log out for today …”

Fans hurried to Jeffree’s defense on Twitter, “You are you and you are an amazing Jeffree !! Always be bigger and that’s what I love about you !! ”one person tweeted, another wrote. “Oh, the internet is enough for today.

Seriously, will they stay ?!

You like celebrity news, so do us! Let’s analyze too much.

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