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King Abdullah signals an end to the feud

“The challenges of the past few days were not the hardest or the most dangerous for national security. But for me it hurts the most. Sedition comes from within and there is no single home for us, and nothing compares to my shock, pain and anger as my brother and as the head of the Hashemite family and as the leader of the proud people. This, ”King Abdullah said in a statement.

“Prince Hamzah made a pledge before his family to follow ancestral steps, remain loyal to their mission, and put Jordan̵

7;s interests, constitution and law above all consideration. Today Hamzah is with his family at the palace in my care, ”said the king.

President Biden spoke with Abdullah on Wednesday to reaffirm that “the United States’ strong support to Jordan and underscored the importance of King Abdullah II’s leadership to the United States and the region,” according to the statement. White House report In the statement, the two leaders spoke of Jordan’s “pivotal role” in the Middle East and in strengthening international relations.

Asked about the call while speaking at the White House, Biden said he had told the king, “He has friends in America and will continue to be strong.”

Jordan’s court said in a statement that Biden had “expressed full solidarity of the United States with Jordan and their support of the Kingdom’s procedures and decisions to maintain stability and stability”.

On Saturday, the Jordanian Army placed the king’s brother Hamzah under house arrest and arrested at least 16 other high-ranking Jordanian officials on charges of “promoting sedition” in collaboration with an anonymous foreign agency.

At home house arrest on Saturday night, Hamzah sent a video to the BBC in which he immediately expressed his criticism of the monarchy. But on Monday he signed a pledge of allegiance to the king.

The United States, in addition to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and several other regional allies, expressed rapid support for the king on Saturday.

But speculation about the alleged foreign involvement has escalated after a high-level Saudi delegation led by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister arrived in Amman for an unsupervised visit. Make an appointment on Monday During a meeting with the Jordanian duo, Saudi officials requested the release of one of the prime Jordanians, Bassem Vadallah, who was arrested on Saturday, according to senior Middle East intelligence officials monitored by the government. Such event

Awadallah is a former senior court official and former Jordanian special representative of the Saudi government.

Prince Hamzah, 41, holds several positions in the monarchy and is a brigadier general in the army. With his trimmed mustache and the checkered Kaffiyeh headdress, he is often likened to his father, the late King Hussein, who was widely respected, Hamzah and Abdullah were both his sons. couple But have a different mother

Hamzah served as Jordan’s crown prince for four years until 2004, when the title was transferred to Abdullah’s eldest son, Hussein.

Dadouch reported from Istanbul.

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