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Knicks lineup fails despite Derrick Rose dominance

The change at point guard was one of the few things that happened Friday night for the Knicks.

Derrick Rose started his first season since 2015, replacing Elfrid Payton, and scored the team’s highest score of 30 points in a 105-94 loss to the Knicks against the Hawks in Game Three in Atlanta.

Rose, who said he was informed of the change early on Friday. Become the first Knicks defender to score 30 or more in a playoff game. since Stephen Marbury in 2004

“The point is that he has been playing in the starting minutes for quite some time. The big thing is trying to get a good start. Especially on the road,” Tom Thibodeau said in describing the long-controversial switch. “But then we had a problem in the second quarter. So we have to look carefully.”

Derrick Rose gave a tragic reaction as the Knicks lost 105-94 in Game 3 to the Hawks.
Derrick Rose gave a tragic reaction as the Knicks lost 105-94 in Game 3 to the Hawks.
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Rose and Taj Gibson, Thibodeau’s longtime lieutenants with both Chicago and Minnesota. also moved into the lineup after the veteran duo opened the second half and helped bring the Knicks back from a 13-point halftime deficit two nights earlier in their series. Evening Game 2 Victory at the Park,

Thibodeau went in and eventually put Payton, his starting point guard, if only in the title for several weeks.

Payton has started in the previous 65 games he has played this season. This includes the first two games of the series, but the “starter” has never been given a more silly title after he played just eight and five minutes respectively. The first two games of the series And it’s not in game 3.

During the game, Payton’s mom, Danielle, posted on her Twitter account (@DannieP19), retweeting the Knicks’ official default tweet list with the reply, “This method works for you! #Proud Mama”

Almost an hour before the lineup changes. Ahead of Friday’s match, Thibodeau played coy with the media. by saying that he “Haven’t decided yet” and continues to “rethink” based on “what gives us the best chance of winning.”

Rose finished 13-to21 from the floor with five assists, scoring nearly as many goals as Julius Randle, RJ Barrett and the rest of his Masonic teammates combined (16v60. )

Former NBA MVP Rose, 32, scored the team’s highest score of 26 points, including three and two key pointers in the second-half rally in Game 2.

Brooklyn-born Gibson has split time with starter Nerlens Noel at center since Mitchell Robinson underwent foot surgery in March in his fourth game after having no time after hand surgery.

Noel suffered an ankle injury in the opener of the series. And finished with just two points, five rebounds and a shot at zero in 17 minutes in game two, but he missed the game on Friday and reached the free-throw line 12 times, making 10 to finish with 12 points in 22 minutes from the horse. sit

“I think we started the game well. It doesn’t matter who we are in court, who is who,” Barrett said. “We have to go with that and trust each other and take action.”

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