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Knicks vs. Hawks Score, Takeaways: Trae Young, Atlanta dominate New York in Game 4 to lead the series 3-1.

The Atlanta Hawks were the only win of the Eastern Conference semi-finals following a 113-96 victory over the New York Knicks in Game Four of a best-of-seven series. on sunday afternoon

After the first half The Hawks opened up a huge lead in the third quarter and never looked back. The Knicks were unable to stop Trae Young and the Atlanta Gunners at the defensive line in the second half. And they couldn’t even come close to overtake them. Trae Young led the way for the Hawks with 27 points and nine assists, but it was a total team effort. Because Atlanta has six different players to score doubles.

As a team, Atlanta dropped 1

5 three-pointers against the Knicks by nine. The difference in long-range shots was a big factor in the outcome of this shootout. Like the fact that Julius Still struggling to score, Randle finished the game with 23 points, but he shot from the ground just 7-for-19 and flipped the ball five times. The Falcon did an excellent job protecting him at every show. And that trend continues in Game 4. The Knicks will need to get more of the NBA’s improved players in Game 5 if they want to expand the series.

The series now moves back to New York. With the Knicks looking to intercept the elimination in game five, that match will take place on Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. ET before moving on to this game. Let’s take a look at three key points in Atlanta’s Game 4 win.

1. Trae Young show

The Hawks have been really strong in this series, but Trae Young has been amazing. Young averages 27.5 points and 10 assists per game over four games, and he made NBA history in the process by becoming the second player to ever be. Frankly led his team in points and assists in each of his first four career playoff games. Hall-of-Famer Dave Bing was the first for those who doubted.

He also became the fourth player in NBA history to average 25 points and 10 assists from his first four playoff games, alongside Kevin Johnson, Stephen K. Norrie and Oscar Robertson

One thing that is clear in this series is that Young is not afraid of the big stage. He’s not only playing well on the pitch. But he also has personality. Or a special ability, or a swag, no matter how you want to talk about it. to match He takes on the role of a villain in New York. And he apparently enjoys performing in front of fans at his home in Atlanta.

Young seems to be one of the players created right now as they say. It is always appreciated when a player puts his personality into his game. And that’s what Young has done. It was really fun to watch him perform during his first season.

2. The falcon controls the 3-point line.

3-ball was a major differentiator in Game 4 as the Hawks had an impressive afternoon from distance. They knocked down 15 three-pointers and shot a respectable 38.5 percent from just outside the curve. Six different Hawks players had at least one 3-pointer. which shows how many weapons the distance from the ground The Knicks were much less successful from distance, they only shot nine three-pointers. and only shot 31 percent from 29 attempts.

It’s hard to win in the NBA today if you score over 18 points from deep, and that’s what happened to the Knicks on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, this is a trend for every Knicks series. As they overtake 40-31 out of the box in the first three games of the series, in Game 5 the Knicks will have to try to find a way to close the gap. And because their players aren’t just becoming better snipers. But that often has to be in the support line. The Knicks will have to try to do a better job of chasing the Atlanta shooter off the line. Or just aggravate things on the Atlanta fault. Because the Hawks made things look pretty easy in the second half of Sunday.

3. The Fight Continues for Julius Randle

Randle had the most productive game of the series in terms of points in Game 4 (23), but he was also extremely inefficient. And very ineffective. Randle shot from the ground only 7-for19 and he flipped the ball five times. The Hawks did a good job of showing him his figure. and made sure he didn’t have enough room to run the entire series. And he was largely unable to adapt. Randle fought hard against Atlanta’s defensive line. And his inability to score was the main reason for the Knicks 3-1 behind. He was shot only 20-73 in the first four games of the series. And he certainly doesn’t look like a player who received the NBA’s MIP award for his performance during the regular season.

You don’t want to be too strong against Randle because he’s obviously had a great season and a strong player. But it’s pretty clear that he can’t be the top choice of legitimate contenders. He could be a great second or third. But he still has a way to go before he is the top choice. Hopefully he will return to show off in game 5 because without this series. The series will end.

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