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Knockout City doesn’t show your overall stats, which is a bad thing.

Knockout City Statistics

image: Velan Studios/EA

last week, kotakuZach Zweisen and I worked together a few times round. Knockout CityI played pretty well. Zack, on the other hand, smashed it, even finishing one match with a stunning -15 KD plus. Sadly, a screenshot that both of us were shocked after the fact. There is no concrete way to remember the bragging rights. Knockout City. The game does not currently have a permanent way to track your stats.

Knockout City, surprisingly fun A multiplayer game about dodgeball. It came out late last month for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch since its launch. The game has stepped up quickly and unexpectedly. Filled with more than five million players. until now Part of its inevitable popularity is due to the nature of its releases (“free” tiers), but it’s no doubt a result of the game’s premise. Which is basically simpler than the basic addition: throw a dodgeball at your opponent. Dodge the dodgeballs they throw at you. Two hits and you’re out. The first to score will be the winner of that round. The rounds moved quickly and the game caught that. “Okay, just one more in line with the idea.”

after each match You can retrieve a list of statistics after the match. The scoreboard shows your knockouts. Your assists, your “deaths” and so on, along with the small ratios that instantly determine how good or bad you were in the previous match, you know. other multiplayer game But when you enter the next match Those stats were lost, too bad, sent to a northern internet farm where the data was paused.

All of this is a small matter. But the lack of a comprehensive stat tracker is still a bit of a downfall. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I truly enjoy watching my performance, good or bad, in the games it has. multiplayer

It’s amazing to get a bird’s-eye view of how you play on a macro level. and use that information to inform how you can practice your skills. There’s also a motivating factor: when you compare how you play in match 100 with how you play in 10th, you can often chart your progress directly, play next, and who. will know You may see another improvement in the 150th, 200th, and so on over the years. I probably spent more hours in Halo Waypoint than ever. radius individual game (The only exception: Halo 3.and maybe Halo: Accessas well)

I’m not the only one wondering why this multiplayer game doesn’t have a stat tracker these days. (Your rank in League Play knock out opponentTournament mode Indicates how good or bad you are playing. (But nothing close to the in-depth stats you can find in other multiplayer games) over the past few weeks. Knockout City player have take Head over to the game’s subreddit to be confused as to why many players don’t have the feature. So far, the answer is still resounding. “No clue,” although some Reddit users pointed out that serial game developers often add features in response to community requests.

Knockout City It’s not the first massively popular multiplayer game to launch without a deep stat tracker. Apex Legends, Battle Royale is played at one point or another, literally not everyone in the entire universe doesn’t get a proper stat tracker. until the second seasonwhich was published in July 2019—Five Months Later Apex officially launched Knockout City Still in the first season With 52 days left, the developers at Velan Studios have made significant updates to the game since launch. Added ranked mode and new maps to the game. including many daily challenges

It’s unclear whether Velan plans to add a stat tracking element in future updates or a seasonal release. when receiving comments from kotakuThe studio representative did not provide additional information.

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