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‘Kung Fu’ Premiere Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 – The CW Reboot

In CW’s kung fu, Nicky Son (heritageOlivia Liang) still thought who she wanted to be while accepting a new fate.

The series’ premiere for Wednesday kicks off with Nicky in the middle of what she thinks is a cultural tour of China. After realizing that it was actually a matchmaking trick to find a Chinese husband. So she escapes and crosses paths with Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai), the local monastery curator. Her one-night visit turned into three years of martial arts practice, and Nicky finally felt right at home.

While admiring the stunning scenery, Pei-Ling encouraged Nicky to try to make peace with her family, which she hadn̵

7;t seen in three years. Nicky, however, was determined to stay at the monastery. That night, their monastery was attacked by a group of assassins searching for the mystical sword, which is said to give its owners tremendous power. During the fight, Bei Lei was seriously injured by an assassin named Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman), who stole the sword and acted.

Yvonne Chapman in Kung Fu Season 1Following Bei Ling’s last suggestion, Nickki chases after Zi Lan in an attempt to retrieve the sword and get rid of her adviser killer. During the fight, Nicky picked up a sword that glows and scorched her hand, leaving a mysterious mark on her palm.Still, Zhilan fled, and Nicky returned home to San Francisco.

She received mixed reactions from her family: her father Jin (Tzi Ma) and her sister Althea (Shannon Dang) were glad to have her back as her brother Ryan (Jon Prasida) and mother Mei. -Li (Kheng Hua Tan) is not enthusiastic, Mei-Li is especially disappointed, stating that her daughter “died three years ago” There was a lot of tensions on the mother-child – Nicky was not happy with her mother trying to control it. She and Mei Li were upset that she had disappeared, and they seemed unable to get past their grievances with each other. Jin encourages Nicky not to run away, and later meets at the family restaurant.

In the meantime, Nicky visits her ex-boyfriend Ivan. (Gavin Stenhouse), now an assistant district attorney, to examine Zhilan’s sword and assassin from the sketch she drew. Later that night, she saw the spirit of her late mentor, Pei-Ling, who demanded that she maintain her relationship with her family again before setting out to find the sword. Nicky heads to her father’s restaurant to discover that her father has been severely beaten. It turns out her parents borrowed $ 50,000 from Tony Khan, a member of the local trio, who now receives twice the interest. If they don’t pay within 72 hours, Khan’s people will kill Jin and take over his restaurant.

Nicky goes to university to visit her brother, who still regrets her not being there for him when he goes out to see her parents. Nicky apologized for leaving him dry and they shared their first heartfelt hug in more than three years. Nicky also meets with Henry. (Eddie Liu) Ryan’s best friend who is his master in ancient Chinese history and will definitely be a useful ally.

She told Henry about the sword and he stated that it was a powerful sword that could only be controlled by its rightful owner and one in eight.

In an effort to help her parents, Nicky asks local people about Khan. But everyone was too scared to say. She and her siblings were soon attacked by members of the local trio, suggesting they were approaching something. Nicky, with astounding help from Henry, can get them down. Her mother, though, was upset that Nicky might have made their family more endangered. But Nicky’s show of strength did well too. Cindy, the local shopkeeper, was inspired to speak up after watching Nicky fend off the three. But even with witnesses willing to testify and access Khan’s confidential documents, Evan didn’t think their evidence was solid enough to judge. They want a smoking gun..

Olivia Liang and Jon Prasida in Kung Fu Season 1.Althea hacked into Khan’s bank account and revealed some unbelievable recent transactions. Khan appears to be smuggling drugs and possibly a big drop that night. Ryan sneaks down to the wharf to gather evidence that he hopes will save their family. Nicky follows her brother and fights with the three. Ryan looked in amazement as Nicky joined the whole gang by herself and showed fierce powers and ultra-high leaps that leaned on her potential as a gifted man. The sword swing that Nicky brushed off was a practice with physics only. Either way, Nicky Do that.

The next day, the Zens gather for Althea’s wedding. And this is the first time we’ve seen them look like a cohesive unit. Jin and Mei Li agree that Nicky should be with them, bringing the trio one step closer to reconciliation.

Henry shows up to reveal important new information about the sword: if eight people gather, they will unlock astronomical power and cause massive havoc and destruction.Zhilan already has and depends. Nicky will prevent her from getting the remaining seven open games.

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