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L.A. residents, here’s how to figure out when and where you can get the vaccine.

In case you missed it, California now allows people 65 and older to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

But in Los Angeles County, health officials said they were not ready to immunize people in that age group until February at the earliest. That’s because there aren’t enough vaccines.

The county and its 200 allies now have nearly 700,000 doses of healthcare providers and about 300,000 doses, according to LA County Department of Health’s Dr. Paul Simon, who spoke. Talk to local news and cultural events in our newsroom Take Two, broadcast on 89.3 KPCC.

To keep more people vaccinated, the county is opening five large vaccination centers, including one at Dodger Stadium, where up to 4,000 people are expected to vaccine per day ̵

1; 260,000 by the end of this month. The county hopes the coalition will be able to give 250,000 more people the drug so that 500,000 health care workers are vaccinated by the end of this month, including support workers.

But all of this makes us think: How do you know the time is right? you To get Your shoot?

Simon said the county will use various channels to ensure residents are aware of their turn.

“Of course we will work with the media to spread the news, but in addition [we’ll be] Work with the healthcare provider who will contact patients of that age group. We work with organizations like AARP and others, and we have a newsletter that anyone can subscribe to on our website. So we’ll use all those channels to try and spread the word. “

That website is VaccinateLACounty.com

Look for this niche on the county website.

Look for the newsletter subscription box on the left. (If you’re on your desktop) or near the top of the mobile page. Or click on the picture here

When you apply, the district official tells you that you will be updated through the newsletter which groups are eligible for the vaccine.

LA County is also in its early phase 1A phase, where the Public Health Site defines:

“Health care workers identified in Phase 1A who have the potential for direct or indirect contact with patients or infectious materials. (Low-risk healthcare workers, such as administrative support staff without regular contact, are eligible for Phase 1B Tier2 vaccination.)

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This is a long-term trend in county, state, and the United States, courtesy of the Google News Initiative and California’s COVID-19 Dashboard. You can also go to the California COVID-19 Tracker and select California or any county in the state of your interest.

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