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LA County Orders Trader Joe’s and other networks not to relax mask rules.

The LA County Public Health Director said Monday that officials had contacted several retail chains to emphasize that existing rules requiring everyone to wear masks inside stores remain in effect in California.

The study effort came after Trader Joe’s in South Pasadena posted a storefront label on Friday allowing vaccinated shoppers to enter the market without a mask, a policy in violation of the California mandate.

“Our team has not notified all networks it has announced nationwide that they will relax their masking requirements,”

; the California mask enforcement policy within stores nationwide remains in effect. Said Barbara Ferrer, LA County Public Health Director.

“Of course, the cloaking requirements exist here and throughout California,” Ferrer said, “so this will be fairly easy for businesses and customers, residents and visitors to understand because there is one standard for the entire state. And scheduled us to continue wearing masks until June 15th “

Ferrer welcomed the state’s announcement on Monday that the existing mask requirement, which was last relaxed on May 3, will be in effect until June 15, which she said will continue to protect those who are concerned. Was partially or immunized until the COVID-19 vaccine is complete.

The state announcement comes four days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its recommendations for mask use, which said the CDC no longer recommends that people who are fully vaccinated must wear a mask on site in the United States. Most indoors and outdoors, with a few exceptions: wearing a mask in public transport settings.

But the CDC’s changing approach, while in influence, is only suggestion and it is up to state and local authorities whether to relax the mask order.

Face masks ordered too early.Some experts fear it could result in an increased spread of the coronavirus if unvaccinated people ignore the CDC’s recommendations and decide to enter public areas without a mask, which is the case. The alternative would be easier if the vaccinated person was not disclosed. Loosening the mask law too quickly is a “risk that we think is unnecessary for us to take. And in fact, it could delay our recovery progress, ”Ferrer said.

Maintaining the mandatory rules for everyone in the store will reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission in unvaccinated people and help protect children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated, Ferrer said.

Days ago have led to confusion over a nationwide cover-up policy after the CDC on Thursday changed its recommendations to say it is no longer necessary for those fully vaccinated to wear a mask on site. At most indoor and outdoor, a handful of chains – including Trader Joes, Walmart, and Costco – say they don’t want it to the fullest anymore. Vaccinated shoppers wear masks in their stores.

Some networks say they follow stricter state and local directives. Some states, including California, did not immediately respond to the CDC’s changed recommendations.

The sudden change in recommendations was likely a factor in a recent verbal encounter, with shoppers arguing with a Costco worker in LA County who said he couldn’t leave a store without a mask.

Ferrer said she appreciates the CDC’s efforts to present information on the vaccine’s effectiveness. But it also noted that the agency director was clear that local and state officials had the final word on local mask requirements. Increase in numbers in different cases, “Ferrer said.

Ferrer said that keeping the mask requirement through June 15 in California “was a reasonable route to allow us to have a more complete vaccination schedule,” Ferrer said, if nothing unexpected happens, she expects. That LA County will move along with the rest of California in another economic opening on June 15.

“At this point, we are very comfortable with the state,” Ferrer said. So, I think the exclusion of something fundamentally different going on here in LA County, which would cause great concern, you can see us embracing plans to reopen on June 15th.

“Come vaccinate as many people as possible… If we do well, when we reopen all of this, the risks are very low,” Ferrer said, “and that helps us all. No one wants to be part of the epidemic any longer. Nobody wants to end up in the hospital. And no one wants to die from COVID ”

More than 95% of people newly infected with the coronavirus are not fully vaccinated, Ferrer said, “Almost everyone in the hospital is not fully vaccinated and everyone who dies now. Have not been fully vaccinated We need to do a really good job of getting people vaccinated and I think we can, and I look forward to working with the governor with a reasonable reopening on June 15th. ”Ferrer. Said

The other factor in changing the concealment requirements – whether or not after June 15 is the California Occupational Health and Safety Standard, which was approved by the Board of Standards and regulates physical masking and spacing protocols in place. At work

Even in the suggested changes, the Occupational Health and Safety Standards Committee is considering later this week, Ferrer said, “There is no indication that they are back from having multiple workplaces… distance and intervention requirements. shelter”

“We will go ahead and do what Cal / OSHA asks our workplace to do,” Ferrer said.

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