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LA County Relax Outdoor Mask Rules But pay attention

Los Angeles County eased a mask-on order for vaccinated people to stop wearing masks outside of the home in uncrowded situations, echoing new recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“People who are vaccinated can safely do outdoor activities, such as eating out with friends from different households. [and] Attend small outdoor gatherings with vaccinated and unvaccinated people… without wearing masks, ”LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday.

Those fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask in the non-crowded situation they are passing by another person on the street, Ferrer said.

“If you̵

7;ve got all your vaccines and you’re going to go for a walk… you don’t need a mask if you follow someone quickly,” Ferrer said.

But even those who are fully vaccinated should still be masked in crowded outdoor venues, such as crowded promenades, boardwalks, live performances or parades, Ferrer said, said Rochelle Walensky, CDC’s director. It is recommended that people who are fully vaccinated to continue wearing masks in crowded outdoor environments such as stadiums and concerts.

“If you’re walking down a crowded corridor You are on a very busy boardwalk. We ask you to keep your mask in those situations, ”Ferrer says.“ You really can’t be detached from others and maybe be around them for some time, so you should keep wearing them. ”

According to Ferrer, everyone must still wear masks in crowded outdoor venues as part of the revised LA County Health Officer Directive.The requirement remains important because more than 50 percent of people live. The county has not yet been fully vaccinated, she said.

LA County previously required everyone to wear a mask when near, to people who are not residents, whether inside or outside, including passers-by, unless everyone in the area: Was fully vaccinated or only unvaccinated person from one household

Those who were not vaccinated or who were partially vaccinated were still asked to wear a mask when they were around others who may not have been fully vaccinated.

People are considered to have been fully vaccinated just two weeks after receiving a second shot of Pfizer or Moderna, or two weeks after receiving a Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

Only people aged 16 and over are eligible for vaccination in the United States, so Ferrer said even fully vaccinated adults who have unvaccinated children may want to wear a mask as an example. Good for their children

“Children need to wear a mask” around people who are not, Ferrer said, unless other people around them, in small groups, are fully vaccinated.

“For those of you who are parents or grandparents, or when you go out with your kids, you may want to continue to wear appropriate modeling masks and masking behavior. So you may want to wear a mask, even if you’re fully vaccinated when you’re with your kids, ”Ferrer said.

Authorities in Hawaii confirmed the still risks to children this week, confirming the state’s first COVID-19 death in a child as a boy aged 10 or under with underlying health problems and traveling to Hawaii. From another state along with his parents

“He had COVID-19 shortly after arriving at the island and was taken to a hospital where he died. Both parents were fully vaccinated before they travel to Hawaii, ”the Hawaii Department of Health said in a statement.

Ferrer urged residents to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine has never been easier. Now, supplies are so abundant that some vaccination sites are so large that they ask for fewer doses over the next week.

“We’ve seen a significant decline here in LA County with vaccinations, and it’s very worrying,” Ferrer said. Push for vaccination “

Many vaccination locations have unbooked appointment times this week. Booked vaccine appointments were reduced by at least 50 percent at vaccination sites operated by LA, County Ferrer said.

“We spend a lot of time walking so it’s enough for some. But we’ll still have to stop this week, ”Ferrer said.

The people dying of COVID-19 in LA County are “not vaccinated,” Ferrer said. “Today we’re talking about 410 in the hospital. None of those people were vaccinated. ”

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