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LA County reports first case of coronavirus detected in South Africa and Brazil.

Two more potentially infectious strains of the coronavirus, one in South Africa and the other in Brazil, appeared in Los Angeles County for the first time, health officials announced Wednesday.

The first mutated version of the virus was found in South Africa, known as strain B.1.351, in a case last week. At the same time, another form of concern was found in Brazil, known as the P.1 variant in three cases.

“While these are the first cases reported for South Africa and Brazil in LA County, they are not the case. But there is likely to be more undetectable and undiagnosed cases, ”health director Barbara Ferrer said in a virtual briefing on Wednesday.

That’s because county corona virus samples have “very few”

; genome sequencing to determine the variable type, Ferrer said.

“The CDC has classified the South African and Brazilian breeds as worrying variables because they may be associated with increased and decreased transmission capacity,” said Ferrer. LA County must do everything possible to take measures to protect ourselves and others. ”

Ferrer also noted that most of the counties’ COVID-19 positive samples analyzed over the past week have become a worrying variable.

Of the approximately 70 samples analyzed newly analyzed in LA County last week, 64% of the samples became the first identified variables in the UK and 20% “were the variables of California concern,” Ferrer said.

She said the “significant increase” in the positive case against the variant from the UK reflected a trend seen across the country “as it is now thought that this variable is more widespread”.

“As a reminder, while the sample order was not chosen randomly, the percentage increase in the specified variable was most likely related to the increased turnover of the known variance,” Ferrer said.

Other strains of the coronavirus detected this past week include three cases of the variant first discovered in New York, she added.

“As most of the variables identified in LA County this week are worrisome variables, it’s more important than ever, we need to be very careful, especially during our reopening,” Ferrer said.

Discovery of the species from Brazil and South Africa in LA County came just two days after the state announced the first case of the variant. The “double mutation” reportedly originated in India. However, at this time, it is not clear if the mutant is more contagious or resistant to existing vaccines.

Despite an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the region, Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that the state plans to remove most epidemic restrictions on June 15 as long as Infection and vaccination numbers continue to go in the right direction.

That could become a challenge, as some key epidemic indicators emerged in Los Angeles and Orange last week.

LA County has avoided a sharp rise in new coronavirus cases in other parts of the country as a result of vaccination and behavior modification efforts to limit its transmission. Spread, Ferrer said.

But in the second week, the region’s adjusted case rates – a key zoning metric could move levels – remained at 3.1 new cases per 100,000 after a week of steady and steep declines.

“This reflects that while the number of our cases is still relatively low, the number of our cases is still relatively low. But we still don’t see a significant drop in the number of new cases, ”Ferrer said. We are a plateau “

LA County on Wednesday reported 479 new coronavirus cases and 53 additional deaths related to COVID-19, bringing the region’s total to 1,223,174 cases and deaths. 23,340 lives

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