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Lakers vs. Suns Score, Takeaways: LeBron James, Anthony Davis fuel Los Angeles to win Game 3, 2-1 series lead.

It’s definitely not beautiful. But the Los Angeles Lakers got back where they needed to be after a 109-95 Game 3 victory over the Phoenix Suns. With a 2-1 lead in the series and another game at the Staples Center between the two teams on Sunday, The defending champions have given themselves a chance to lead 3-1. In fact, the Lakers hope history repeats itself. In the first two rounds last season, the Lakers lost Game 1 before sweeping away opponents along the way.

If Anthony Davis keeps this The Lakers will have little trouble doing that again this round. He led the Lakers with 34 points and 11 rebounds in this match. while LeBron James had a slow start. Picked up with 1

6 points in the second half to go with a total of nine assists. Those numbers could hardly resist James’ general-season excellence. But in a game that focuses on defenses like this Only the Lakers needed to win. Here are the biggest takeaways from their Game 3 wins.

The Lakers go back in time.

The second quarter of the game has a total of 28 points compared to the last 43 seconds of the game. Thursday’s Nuggets-Blazers Game 3 had 75 percent as many points as they combined for 21 in that time frame. Yes, there’s a good defense involved there. but it’s deeper than that The style of play is straight from the 90s. Andre Drummond post-up, mid-range jumper that reacts early on the shot clock. No one can make good shots and when they do. they missed out

This is a basketball playoff symptom, the game is slower, it’s ugly, and that’s just the way the Lakers like it when the match is tough. They were able to smash the ball inside and bludgeon into the attacking game enough to win the game. They scored 58 points in the coloring and another 26 in The Suns free throw, with Chris Paul clearly thwarting. Points cannot be generated in the same way.

It’s old school style basketball. But it’s a style that the Lakers play enthusiastically. Remember, they signed Andre Drummond in the middle of the season, mostly because they resented the boundary-focused big Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell, who was only 6-8. They wanted to play physical games like this. They won a lot of them last season with Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee in the middle and they followed the same road map again in Game 3.

Payne-ful choice

Suns three times in a row Either directly or by action, claims that Chris Paul is strong enough to play. He quickly returned to Game 1 after suffering a shoulder injury. He started game two and he started again in game three after coach Sonsmonty. Williams called him “full on” before the game, not quite full. Paul played 27 minutes in Game 3. He went down to 23 in Game 2 after averaging over 31 during the season. Not that these minutes are going well either.

The Suns lost the game by 14 points, but they were more than 20 points with Paul in the game. Almost made it the only competitive game in the fourth quarter after a three-point shootout. He gave the Suns 19 points and seven assists in Game 2, but perhaps more importantly, the Suns won his minute by three. in that game, and the Lakers were tied in Game 3 with Payne on the ground.

It would be disrespectful under normal circumstances to suggest that Paulo shouldn’t start. He is a Hall of Famer to be honored with the All-NBA this season, but the Sun cannot pretend he’s strong despite his strength. that the body is not strong For this long series It felt as though they were playing 4v5 offensively. Payne wasn’t a star, he would never be like the strong Paul and the downgrade there put the Suns at a serious disadvantage. But he’s healthy. The Suns can rely on him to execute the game plan at the very least. The same may not be true of Paul struggling to shoot and pass the ball over the court. It’s a move Phoenix should at least consider for Game 4.

Will Lakers role players start shooting?

Role players shoot better at home. That’s the wisdom of the old NBA, and it’s something the humble seed must rely on after starting a playoff series on the road. Let’s take a look at how the Lakers role players shoot from the field in Phoenix:

  • Kyle Kuzma: 1 of 6
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 2 of 13 2
  • Wesley Matthews: 1 of 6

Matthews corrected the boat in Game 3, going 2 of 5 from the home field. But made both shots from behind the curve. Caldwell-Pope didn’t hit 3 and Kuzma shot 2 of 12 on Thursday. Add a series that is deeply offensive to him.

All three players have other virtues. They each played a strong defensive line. And Kuzma’s bounce and pass are important to the Lakers this series and this season as a whole. The Lakers can stay with them every missing match. They can’t live up to all their missing shots. Out of three games, the Lakers have only shot 27.5 percent of their three-pointers in the series. They got through because of Paul’s injuries and their inner dominance. But that won’t happen to Brooklyn or Milwaukee. The Lakers can’t win the title without doing their 3s. Their Gunners turned the tide last season. until this season They could hardly hit a wide barn.

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