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Lana Del Rey says Trump ‘doesn’t know’ he stirred up government riot

Pop singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey is having a busy week defending herself online.

After attracting attention on Instagram earlier this week to defend her new album cover and say that she can’t be racist because she is. “Dating rappers,” Del Rey is now backed after saying she doesn’t believe President Trump intentionally incited a Capitol uprising last week.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 on Monday, Delray (born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) said she didn’t think Trump knew what he was doing when he gave him an address. To his followers “Fight harder” to protect “stolen” elections and “show your strength” at City Hall

Shortly after his speech, a large group of Trump supporters raided and raided the state agency and temporarily halt the endorsement of elected President Joe Biden̵

7;s election vote. Trump later made his comments before the riots: “Perfect”

Delray told the BBC she thought Trump should benefit from the suspicions.

“You know, he didn’t know he was inciting a rebellion and I believe that,” said Delray, who added she thought Trump had “arrogance”.

Delray also said she thought the riots “needed to happen.”

“Trump’s madness… is as bad as it is, it really needs to happen,” Delray said. “We need a reflection of the greatest problem in our world, not climate change. It’s a social feeling and narcissism, ”she says,“ especially in America. It is going to kill the world. Not capitalism But is a narcissism “

After fans and the media started questioning whether Delray was secretly a Republican voter, she clapped back her way with tweets and videos posted on Instagram. Her with the caption

“Let me take a moment to say that what I am explaining to the BBC is that Trump is so flawed that he may not know what he is doing, due to his significant lack of empathy and a serious problem. Widening is the problem of sociology and It’s narcissism in America, ”Delray said on Twitter Tuesday evening.

In the video, she added, “I am not grateful to be portrayed like a white Republican getting everything and supporting the government riots. I grew up struggling, working, leaving, we had nothing to do. Personally I don’t understand I just think sometimes because of my appearance it is easy to paint this picture. But is my guy struggling to be the real singer-songwriter I am? ”She said.

“This is my story. I’m saying… I am the wrong person to come without being united or generous,” she added. I tend to focus on music. But if people want to make it political, I feel bad. But I listened to the whole interview for 40 minutes, so… I don’t want to focus on this But it is what it is. I would like to get a point one day we talk about music. But until that day, I want you to know my story. “

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