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Landon Dickerson to guide medical officer Nick Saban into the field for the national championship.

For Landon Dickerson, Alabama’s 52-24 win over Ohio State for the CFP national championship was brotherhood.

The Alabama center was removed from knee surgery at the end of the three-week season, just wanting to finish what he started.

If it weren’t for his persistence and Brian Robinson’s late third run, he wouldn’t have had that chance.

In an interview with WJOX̵

7;s “3 Man Front” in Birmingham, Dickerson said he “spoke to the packing medical staff for the national game, before asking Nick Saban if he could, and begging him to enter the game first.” The last seconds will begin outside of time.

“It’s not about me,” he said. “It’s going out with the team again. I’ll admit it was a little selfish at the end of me because I wanted to go out there through the pre-game warm-up, talking to my guys one last time. This is a special team. Just being a part of that and being with those people during that time and that game – it’s almost like a Disney movie. It’s one of those things that I will remember throughout my life. ”

Dickerson was dragged from the field during the SEC Championship Game on December 19, surprising many on social media when he was on the pitch before the full start of the CFP game.

“The day after I had ACL surgery, I gave my crutches back,” he said. I spoke to the medical staff, “Dr. (Lyle) Cain and Jeff Allen. I told them to go. At the Rose Bowl, ‘You know I can play’ and of course they never believed me.

During the practice leading up to the Notre Dame win and the CFP title game with Ohio State, Dickson went to practice. He worked on exchanging center defenders and ran, “Obviously, that surprised them.”

He packed a suitcase to Miami just like his teammates.

“The day before the game, I went to Coach Bun and I asked him if I could dress up for the game. I know I already have stuff over there. He said he had no problem with my dressing.

“As soon as I get through that obstacle, I’m like since I got dressed, I might just go out to pregame warm-up and pounce on the quarterback and run around a bit and see how far I can go until Dr. Cain blows his head in frustration. “

During the game, Dickerson continues to investigate Kane for his way into the game.

“He told me that if we score as many points – I think he said unrealistic things like four touchdowns – I’ll let you in, I thought in his mind that it was never going to happen.

With about four minutes left in the game, Dickerson continued to make his case as Alabama “just ran after the ball. He didn’t do that. But eventually allowed him to play.If the tide took to victory form, Dickerson said Cain would ask Saban.

It rarely happens The tide is facing a third and a 9 at 42 with 1:30 left, of course the tide will have to punt. But Robinson set off on a 12-yard trip to Ohio State 45.The tide had a new beat.

“B-Rob ran and this idiot, I got excited and jumped the gun,” Dickerson said. I ran to the coach and didn’t ask, I said, ‘Hey coach, I’ll take these last pictures.’

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