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Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley broke up after Love Triangle Drama.


Man begs to ‘shut up’ with ex – and ends up murder

Lorenzhi is intelligent, good-looking, and extremely charming. But when an ex-boyfriend couldn’t have him all on his own, he died. High was born in 1988 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an only child and was raised by his mother and grandmother. “They had high expectations for Lauren. He was raised on a certain principle and morality, ”Curtis Peterson̵

7;s friend Curtis Peterson told Oxygen’s“ Snapped ”, airing Sundays at 6 / 5c using Oxygen when he was 18. His sudden life with a heart attack, his friends said he was never the same. “After his mother died, I felt like a piece of him that had just passed away, he didn’t know how to fill that void.” Suzette Bourgeois told Porsche Humphery High producer he had a lot of fans, sometimes dating three. The next time he fell in love with a woman named Natasha with whom he had two daughters: “He’s a good father, he read them, he’ll keep it for the night, he prays with them.” Saying “Snapped”, Lauren and Natasha’s relationship will not last. But they are still on good terms for the sake of their children. In 2015, High began dating Porsche Marie Humferry, a “smooth talker”, according to Watson, with a confident demeanor. however The family tragedy at a young age left an indelible mark. “Her mother killed her father in front of her when she was young,” Humphery’s friend Laquisha Martin told “Snapped.” “Her mother was in prison, she was locked up in her system. Turn to men to fill in the gaps she feels she doesn’t get from other people. ”While still in her teens, Humpheri began a relationship with a man with whom she would have four children. When she was 29 years old, she began dating Hai, “He loved her as never one loved her. She felt like he was her knight. In shining armor, and she felt like she would be with him forever, ”Martin said, High and Humphery talked about their marriage and children, but after a year their relationship started to fade away. He fights for money and Humphery fears High will leave her, another woman. “She’s a very jealous woman,” friend Amber Williams told “Snap.” On Facebook, and they argue in full swing about it, they broke up, after which he finished the drama. ”Then, on February 5, 2017, Curtis Peterson went to High’s Milwaukee’s home. Who heard the news from him for days, and people became worried.When High didn’t answer the front door, Peterson allowed himself inside.He found the body of a 28-year-old man lying on the living room floor, dead from a gunshot wound to his chest. Dr. Peterson called the police, who soon arrived on the scene. Lauren was high, the temperature inside High’s apartment was about 47 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning his body. It has been unusually well preserved. But it also made it difficult to pinpoint the time of death, researchers found a glass fragment on a living room sofa with an unknown drug of fingerprints on a shell-sized glass. Two of the .40 casings were found at the scene, according to court documents, Peterson told Detective High the owner of a. 40, which disappeared from the home, no valuables were taken, and there were no signs of forced entry.Detectives contacted Suzette Bourgeois, who lives in Atlanta and havin g a long distance relationship with High, she said they were in touch. Every day, and she last heard from him around 7pm on Feb. 1, Bourgeois said when they last spoke, High was depressed and discussed the issues with Humphery. Che, it’s just some of the deceitful, mean, or cruel things she’s done, ”Bourgeois told the producer. Several days earlier, Bourgeois spent a video call with High when Humphery stopped by and insisted that she needed to use the bathroom. “She went to the bathroom and she came out naked and slept on the sofa,” Bourgeois told the producer. Do one thing at a time, and it gets more and more berserk every time. That’s when he was completely done with her. ”The detective spoke to a neighbor who claimed to have seen Hi a few days before his body was discovered.“ That closed the window from February 3 to February 5. ”James. Milwaukee Police Detective Hutchinson told “Snap,” High’s friend KC Spencer spoke to the police and filled out details about his complicated love life. “Snap.” “Porsche came into his life recently and had some problems,” Spencer said while High smoked marijuana. Only, but Humphery is known to take on tougher drugs.Detective contacts Humphery and asks her to come for an interview. She confirmed that she and He were in a non-public relationship once again. As the detective asked the question trying to create the timeline, Humphery began pulling out the receipt. “It was a document that she said would show where she was on the day she believed the detective would talk to her, which is the date. Feb. 1, ”Milwaukee County Assistant Attorney Grant Hubner told the producer. This came as a surprise to investigators. “It was unusual for detectives at the time that she gave details of the incident on February 1, when we thought that at the time, Lauren was not killed until. It’s coming February 3, ”Hutchinson told“ Snap ”when asked about the glass found on High Humphrey’s couch, claiming she hadn’t been to his house in weeks. She also shared a controversial story about whether she had used High’s gun or not, detective was able to arrest her for the obstruction. Police searched Humphery’s home in the nearby town of Waukesha. They confiscated several items of clothing that were wet and that had a strong smell, according to court documents. They then interviewed Humphery’s sister, who said she had seen her on February 2, three days before High’s body was found. Her girl was shot It is not known if Lauren was shot. Nobody knows anything about it. That means Porsche has information that no one else in the world has, ”Hubner told High’s telephone producer, not showing communications after Feb. 1, a top detective who said their timeline was incorrect. must They now believe he was actually murdered five days before his body was found.High and Humphery sent a full-day message on February 1, planning to meet.Humphery sent his final message at 12:47 p.m. It said, “I hope you don’t get angry with me because I didn’t come,” according to court documents. Hai also texted another woman he saw DaChanel Harris. Investigators interviewed Harris, who said she spent the night of January 31, 2017 at High’s house. On the evening of Feb. 1, Harris sent a high message saying, “There’s a much needed talk with my ex. In order to break up Hopefully I’m lucky. ”Harris said the“ former ”is the Porsche Humphery, which Milwaukee CBS affiliate WDJT reported in 2017. Seeing something out of place, “DaShanell was able to point to the sofa and say that this shard of medicine was actually not there when she went out on the morning of February 1”. Milwaukee Police Sergeant said “snapped”. Tests revealed that the substance on the glass was MDMA. “There was a fingerprint on the glass, which was Humphery’s,” Hutchinson explained. The researchers obtained video footage from the Humphery on the car. A bus in town on the day of the murder wearing clothes taken from her home, according to FOX 6 Now, Milwaukee, Humphery’s cell phone data, even more horrifying, is “what matters is that the phone shows C. Rees – If I’m Not Misunderstood – From more than 100 visits between 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., Tell Producer Humphery was eventually arrested and charged with reckless murder on March 21, 2017. She also pleaded guilty to a second degree of negligent murder in the filming of Loren. High on March 23, 2018, she was sentenced to nine years in Cook and six years of longer custody, according to FOX 6 Now Milwaukee, now 34 years old, she will be released in 2027. For more information on the case and more like this, see “Snapped.” Aired Sundays at 6 / 5c on Oxygen

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