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Latest vaccines and world news

A nurse registered for the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on April 17 in Gardena, Calif.
A nurse registered for the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on April 17 in Gardena, Calif. Patrick T. Fallon / AFP / Getty Images

People recovering from coronavirus will gain immunity significantly from a single dose of Pfizer’s vaccine, British researchers reported Friday.

The extra boost comes from immune cells that don̵

7;t naturally develop at the same rate after infection and help protect against some of the worrying variables circulating, the researchers report in the journal Science.

People who were not infected needed both doses of the vaccine to see the same increase.

The team led by Dr. Rosemary Broyton, from Imperial College London, analyzed blood samples from healthcare workers at different stages. Some people get coronavirus and get better, while others are not.

The team looked for both antibodies and immune triggers called T cells, which attack invaders and B cells, which help make new antibodies over time. They examined these immune responses after vaccination and tested blood samples against different strains of the virus, such as B.1.1.7, first found in the UK and B.1.351, for the first time in South Africa.

These strains have a worrisome mutation in the viral blocking protein used to enter B.1.351-infected cells, in particular, avoiding the human immune response and appear to avoid the response. Certain immunosuppressants caused by vaccines

“After a single dose, a person with a previous infection showed improved T cell immunity, the antibody secreted the B memory cell response to the neutralizing and blocking antibodies that affect B. .1.1.7 and B.1.351, they found that 96% of their infected subjects produced viral T cells after receiving one dose of the vaccine, compared with 70% of those who were not infected. Infected and received only one vaccine.

“By comparison, healthcare workers who received one vaccine without prior infection showed a decrease in their immunity to different strains,” they said. Meet this

Adding a second vaccine to an infected person does not increase the immune response. It was found that two doses improved the immune responses of people who had never been infected with the coronavirus. The team said their research supports the argument that coronavirus survivors need a single vaccine to be fully immune.

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