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Law & Order is finally showing about a defense attorney.


Photograph: A. ROBYN BECK / AFP via Getty Images

Not counted Shit like Live PD, Law and Order Franchises are almost more guilty than other media brands promoting the Copa Kanda – as it tells stories about police superheroes who tend to take bad guys and hero prosecutors who always find the right way to do it. Locked them up for 30 years – but now Dick Wolf and his venerable television academy come up with a revolutionary new idea: What if the bad guys don’t actually do it? What if people sometimes end their lives in criminal justice? Not fairReally? What if there is someone in court to protect people?

That was a key aspect of the work of this country, and now – it eventually became the focus of Law and Order Franchise according VarietyNBC has given direct instructions to a series of Law and Order: For protectionA new separate series about crime prevention firms that “keep lawyers under the microscope” and “[deliver] The Promise of Contemporary Moral Tales ”Every week seems to imply that there will be episodes where people are guilty and their lawyers must protect them anyway, which … FineBut at least it had meat on the bone.

The series will be directed by Carol Mendelsohn. CSI When CSI It’s a big deal, and Wolf said in a statement that he and Mendelsohn are excited to “do a television show that hasn’t been done before” so many attorneys’ shows are about defense attorneys, but… again. FineWe don’t want to fight with Dick Wolf. He seems to be able to take us comfortably.

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