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Lawmakers adopted new security measures and expressed frustration at safety concerns following the devastating riots.

Some congressional members have told party leaders they are terrified of life and family life, sources told CNN, and several congressmen have taken new security measures, sources told CNN.

The more they learn in news reports and online, the more concern they are, several sources said. The source said there is growing awareness of the dangers they are facing, especially when they see videos reflecting how sometimes coordinated attacks are.

One video of particular concern showed volunteer members using their arms on each other’s shoulders, pushing each other in a line that snakes through crowds that plunged into the gates into the Parliament House, Congress said. One told CNN.


; Meijer told CNN when asked if he feared the threat. “But I’m not going to let my decision shake it. I think if we give the assassins a deterrent, if we let the rebels stop, we will lose something in this country and I won’t let that happen.” g”

Since then, Meijer has added that he plans to purchase armor and adjust his routine to protect himself from the threat of death.

“It’s sad that we have to get there. But you know, our expectation is that someone might try to kill us, ”Meijer said Thursday on MSNBC.

Republican Representative Dusty Johnson of South Dakota told PBS NewsHour on Wednesday he had received “absolutely” life threats from Trump supporters before the impeachment vote. Pressuring him to vote in favor of the president after he voted for the 2020 presidential election, the outcome for Joe Biden Johnson did not vote to impeach Trump.

“I mean today, just this morning, one of my offices has been threatened to life, I have received other threats about my safety, my address, pictures of my home where my family lives are posted.” Posted in a dusty anti-Facebook page, this was a dark time, with a lot of vices and anger. Johnson told PBS on Wednesday. “The truth is, I think it’s not just me. But as all colleagues, we must admit that we may be in danger. But we still have to continue our work. “

Johnson said the threat came from supporters of President Donald Trump so far.

“In the past week, the threat of superiority came from the far right,” admitting he had received the threat from the left.

Expressing safety concerns about the upcoming inauguration, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn told CNN on Wednesday that while he felt safe at the Capitol that day, he was not sure he would. How safe did you feel on the day of your inauguration until more details were given?

Senate GOP shreds over Trump verdict: 'no love is lost'

“I feel safe today. I don’t know how I’m going to feel on the 20th because I don’t know what they’re going to happen,” said Claiburn, a Democrat in South Carolina.

Since the devastating attacks on City Hall and in preparation for its launch, metal detectors have been installed in front of the House floor where all members and staff go through motion, met with push from all sides. While some complain of the inconvenience or point out how the lines created might result in COVID exposure, others point out that their installations highlight the lack of Trust that exists on the hill after the attack.

“It is a very sad opinion that we have to install an external metal detector because our colleagues can pose a threat to the safety and security of our members,” a Democrat aide told CNN.

Likewise, some Republican members were upset about their Caucus party known to carry guns, according to GOP sources.

In response to growing concerns from members about their safety, the House Executive Committee sent a letter earlier this week warning them what security measures they could take. And the process of strengthening their security protocols. Members are reimbursed for the purchase of bulletproof vests, hiring security personnel in certain circumstances, or for their own safety training, and for multiple security improvements to their district office. Oneself

Lawmakers insist on keeping up with pressure on Trump to get him to check in during the last day, sources told CNN McConnell has power over the president because at least he could theoretically initiate an impeachment hearing. Before Trump retires if he wants to take that step.

Help question “Insider”

As previously reported by CNN, there are more questions than answers about whether pro-Trump rioters have internal help.

There are early indications, as well as unconfirmed allegations that some GOP lawmakers collaborated with some radical conspiracy theorists who held rallies and might give rioters a “patrol” tour. attack

A group of Democrats’ lawmakers asked the U.S. Congress police to conduct an investigation into possible cooperation between Congressmen and the rioters who attacked the building.

Colorado Democrat Representative Jason Crowe, who was arrested in iconic photographs tucked away in the gallery house during the raid, said on Thursday CNN that some lawmakers gave the tour, though. Was banned from touring since the outbreak.

“We’re going to keep track of where the facts lead us,” Crowe said. “We’re not going to make any assumptions. I’m not a mind reader.”

He also said that he He “put false convictions” into the US police department to keep him and other lawmakers safe from harassment.

Representative Mary Gay Scanlon, one of the co-signatories, confirmed to CNN that she saw a group of six to eight in MAGA attire on the tour a day or two before the attack.

Trump defenders try to oust Cheney from the leadership of House by votes of impeachment.

“I’ve seen what appeared to be a tour group of MAGA-dressed people in a tunnel hall,” Scanlon told CNN.

“I don’t know what day it was. It’s surprising to see it happened because since the Covid building was closed, there shouldn’t be any tours. I think it must be new. Members who do not know some rules or something But I mean, I can be sure it happened, there were people roaming the halls, apparently under the guidance of parliamentarians. ”

As large-scale criminal investigations increase, this corner will be a huge focus for the Justice Department and the FBI as they try to figure out which lawmakers or officials conspire to attack the agency. State and disrupt the Electoral College proceedings.

“Much more things will be clear in the coming days and weeks. But what we know right now is enough, ”Rep. Liz Cheney, No. 3 Republican in the House, said in an ominous statement earlier this week that announced she supported the Trump impeachment.

It is not clear what the future revelations that Cheney mean. But she’s a well-connected lawmaker across Washington who will likely be in a position to gain insight into the investigation before things become clear to the public.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles contributed to this report.

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