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Lawmakers have expressed fears about the safety of state agencies as tensions escalate over new security measures.

“I don’t know if I was going to keep it alive until the end of the day,” New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram Live on Tuesday. Many people in the council were almost assassinated. “

But with just one week of release, all security efforts have been focused on planning ahead, leaving little room for investigations to look back and decipher how and what security was breached. Wrong

Republican Representative Lauren Bourt of Colorado, who previously bragged about her desire to carry weapons on Capitol Hill and was accused of revealing her position. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, during the raid last week, was involved in a conflict with Capitol Police at the newly installed metal. The detector tried to land on Tuesday night.

“It is clear that metal detectors will not hinder the acts of violence that we see, this political stunt does not improve the safety of members of the Parliament House,”

; Bobert said in a statement to CNN following the controversy.

Democratic lawmakers confronted by Trump supporters

GOP Representatives Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma and Steve Womack of Arkansas yelled at Capitol Police when they were forced through a metal detector. Womack shouted “I am in control of my body” and Mullin said, “It is my constitutional right” to Passed by and “They can’t stop me”

Pelosi on Wednesday introduced new rules that impose tougher fines for members who refuse to comply with the new safety rules. The fine, which will be deducted from the member’s salary, will be $ 5,000 for the first offense and $ 10,000 for the second offense.

“It is sad that this step is necessary. But the Chamber of Commerce of the People’s Council must be safe, ”Pelosi said in a statement.

But even so Some Democrats were unhappy with the increased security as they had longer lines and members were forced to be within six feet of each other.

“I am more likely to die of COVID because I got it from my colleagues than I would have died because of my colleague shot me,” Texas Democrat Filemon Vela told The Associated Press. CNN

Distrust of safety

Although the work of the police and law enforcement agencies is essential to eliminating threats to government agencies. But videos of officers wearing MAGA hats and taking selfies with rioters have raised deep concerns about the sanctity of the police force.

Those courageous shows But next to that, there’s an attack of betrayal, ”Ocasio-Cortez said.

André Carson of Indiana also recalled that law enforcement failed him because he had to learn through court news reports that he had been the target of a man accused of bringing bombs and an arsenal to the unit. The government event last week Prosecutors found Carson’s name in a handwritten memo in possession of Lonnie Leroy Coffman, whose truck was parked for hours near the Capitol on Wednesday and had a gun and a bomb. Next to Carson’s name, the note reads: “One of the two Muslims in the House of Representatives,” Carson is Islamic.

“It is very disturbing to learn from news reports that I am one of the people who have been listed on the” good “and” bad “lists for the attack,” Carson said in a statement. Statement provided to CNN “As a former law enforcement officer, it is extremely disappointing to see the failure of law enforcement officials, including US government agencies, to alert people like myself that we are targeted and that we are in danger.” Risk from the prosecuted terrorist and his accomplices. “

Little information from the investigation so far

When all eyes turn to preparation for the inauguration But little is known about the ongoing investigation into the separation of intelligence, leading up to January 6, giving members room to start their own theories about what’s going on.

Democratic Representative Mikie Sherrill said on Facebook Live Tuesday that she believed members of Congress had led rioters around City Hall a day before the violent attack.

“I saw on January 5th, the next day’s patrol,” said the New Jersey Democrats. “For the congressmen who incite this violent mob, the members of Congress trying to help our president undermine our democracy, I will see that they have a responsibility and, if necessary, make sure they are not serving the House. Congress”

In her speech, Sherrill told reporters on Capitol Hill that she was requesting an investigation into those allegations.

“We are requesting an investigation with some authorities right now,” Cherrill said on Wednesday.

Until more details are known about what happened, members continue to express their grievances about the public investigation.

Illinois Democratic Representative Brad Schneider, one of the members to test positive for COVID, after a stay as rioters took over City Hall on Wednesday, told CNN he was deeply disappointed. Much of that there is no information from the state police about what went wrong. And what changes will be made as a result of the riots?

“I was deeply frustrated and disappointed that we didn’t have those briefings, not just us. But with the Americans, what happened, it broke down, what we knew, what we were learning, and then you get more briefings from More local robberies than we have ever experienced “Schneider said.

“I’m part of the discussions and reports within the Democrats, we don’t have a briefing at all, we can’t classify, at least I’m not. I don’t have the technology to be a part of.” Of first class briefing, so I’m not part of that. “

A top Democrat aide echoed CNN, “For every questionable package on the hill, I get 10 emails in real time. Recently, we have heard very little “

This story was updated with further developments on Wednesday.

Correction: An earlier version of this article spelled the last name of Rep.Mikie Sherrill.

CNN’s Daniella Diaz and Manu Raju contributed to this report.

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