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Lazy Gamer Guide for Cable Management

Cable management is For tryhards, that’s what I was telling myself until a couple of weeks ago when I found myself splitting the tangled seafloor ethernet cables to vacuum my office again.

While wireless connections are the norm for movie lovers and even audiophiles today, gamers have made life difficult for themselves. We named latency our enemy. So we’re still splitting our three HDMIs from our three consoles to our televisions, still wrapping three ethernet cables from our modems to those three consoles. And of course, we’re still plugging all three consoles into the wall. After being home for a year and collecting both gaming and office supplies, my floor looks like the bottom of Strega Nona̵

7;s pasta pot.

There is definitely a fix. Find any video that aims to introduce gamers into cable management paths, and you’ll find a typical YouTube thumbnail of a grin with a smile holding a drill and several finger traps. (This is a cable clip) – High stakes and high effort “home improvement” “project”. Personally, I am not about to operate on my desk. And if I have six hours left, I won’t be spending them on my office floor. I will use them to play games.

It is possible to manage cables in a lazy way. Here are some smart ways. But it takes very little effort for gamers to keep floors and walls tidy.

Which line you have

This is not rude. But you won’t have many cables to handle in the first place if you just buy the right length. If you are unable to differentiate the floor from the local forest, your cable may be too long.

Photo: Cecilia D’Anastasio

If you have funds, consider a new line. Measure the cable passageway around the room and add an additional eight inches. It’s better to be a little too short. Buying high-quality cables with minimal slack will reduce the chance of having to rewire in the future. And because it can be annoying to swap cables when tucked behind a wall-mounted cable rails, swinging for premium, rugged high-speed HDMI that you might need for your Xbox One X or PlayStation 5 is important in the long run.

Cable management device

What you need depends on your settings. For example, if your PC is on your desk, you might want to install a surge protector on the bottom of your desk so that only one cable is plugged into the wall. If your television is wall mounted and you hate the HDMI cable hanging from your Nintendo Switch, you might want to paint some to match the color of the cable rail to your wall.

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